Only a few weeks ago #Sarit Hadad” released her single “Benadam” and this unstoppable Israeli phonomena already have a new song on the radio playlist.

This week Sarit releases “Imalé Be Abalé”. The new song is an Oriental techno-trance that have a huge potential to become a mega hit in every israeli wedding for the next season.

“Imalé Be Abalé” lyrics is talking about the unique mixture of culturs in the small Israel and the excitment of unite them all with the power of music when she goes on stage.  The song production is different by far from her latest single. That diversity in music sarit is so well known for reminds us again why she is of the most appreciated singers in Israel.

A few months ago sarit also cover one of the best Israeli entry for the Eurovisiob “natati la chayai” (1974) judge for yourself

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