Everybody Dance Now! New Remix for Polina Gagarina’s “Камень на сердце”

4 months ago the Russian diva “Polina Gagarina” released one of her most beautiful ballad till date “Камень на сердце” (Translation: Heart of stone).  The successful song was followed by an amazing “Alice in Wonderland” expensive video directed by “Leonid Kolosovsky”

“Камень на сердце” is that type of song you just want to keep playing on and on.  This week the Russian “Dj Chinkong” releases his interpretation of the song and the result is available to listen in all the digital platforms.

Chinkong also remixed Polina’s previous single “Выше головы” which became a mage hit all over Europe.

Polina represented Russia with the song “A Million Voices” in the 2015 Eurovision Song contest held in Vienna.  Her strong staging and angel voice brought Russia the 2nd place that year.


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