Listen Now: Ben Dolic Releases “Violent Thing” Stage Version

Nothing is better than fresh new releases in these hard times of isolation.

Today’s new music comes from the German representative for the cancelled Eurovision song contest Ben Dolic.

The 22 years-old young artist has released the stage version of his entry “Violent Thing”. the new version was shorten by 16 sec in order to place in line with the contest’s regulation of 3 min length. this will probably be the version that will appear in the official album of the contest about to be released on may 15th.

The song was written and composed by the team of  Boris Milanov. Boris is an Austrian – Bulgarian songwriter and producer. He has an impressive record in Eurovision after writing some of Eurovision top hits: Bulgaria 2016 (Poli Genova – “If Love Was A Crime”), Austria 2018 (Cesar Sampson – Ain’t Nobody Like You”), Bulgaria 2017 (Kristian Kostov – “Beautiful Mess”) and more.

For the moment, while this lines are being written, Germany has yet to announce the its plans for 2021. what we do know is that the German network is focusing on entertaining the German fans with the the special even of the late night show “World Wide Wohnzimmer”. the show will start on May 9th, 2020 and will act like a real semi final including airing all the 41 music videos of the 2020, a full public voting and a special performance of the Ben Dolic German entry. btw, the German public wont be able to vote for Germany in order to make the show as real as it can be! Would you like to see Ben Dolic return with a new song for 2021 contest? Let’s talk about it on our social! 

In the meantime, you can check our the #Eurovision2020 playlist HERE:

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