๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง In Memory of Patricia Bredin, UK’s first Eurovision entrant

The United Kingdom and the Eurovision fandom received the news last August 13, 2023 that Patricia Bredin, the first Eurovision entrant for the United Kingdom had passed away. She was 88 years old and lived in the province of Nova Scotia, Canada during the last half of her life.

Patricia Bredin first entered into the consciousness of the United Kingdom when she competed in the Festival of British Popular Songs with her song, “All” at the age of 22. Her song won the Festival and was selected to represent the United Kingdom in its Eurovision Song Contest debut in 1957. It was also there where she made history twice because apart from being the UK’s first Eurovision entrant, her song “All” was also the shortest song to be sent in the Eurovision Song Contest (“All” has a duration of 1:51); a record she continued to hold until Finland’s Pertti Kurikan Nimipรคivรคt entered the Eurovision Song Contest with a song whose duration was only 1:27.

Patricia Bredin as Guenevere (left) during her stint in 1962 in the Broadway run of Camelot (1960) / NYPL Digital Collections

Patricia went on to act in several movies and stage plays after her stint at the Eurovision Song Contest. Her filmography included Left Right and Centre (1957), The Bridal Path (1959), The Treasure of Monte Cristo (1961) and To Have and To Hold (1963). As for her stage plays, they included Free As Air (1957) and Camelot (1960) where she succeeded Julie Andrews as Guenevere in the year 1962 during the musical’s Broadway run.

Her last interview with the media took place in the year 2016 when the BBC interviewed her for Look North in her Nova Scotia home.

Patricia may not be with us anymore but her works are still here for us to enjoy in her memory. Both her Eurovision song and the songs in the Free As Air musical which feature her vocals are available on Spotify.

Thank you for your contribution to Eurovision, Patricia. May you rest in eternal power.

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