Rich Bitch

As we are still recovering by her amazing last single “MARGO” telling us “The Journey of a Woman” Armenian Diva “Iveta Mukuchyan” is working in full powers and releases the journey Part 2 named “Rich Bitch”

“Rich Bitch” reveals to us a new side of Iveta.  The R&B sounds, music production, chick, and attitude dirty lyrics have the potential to become a No.1 hit in the US market in Sec.  On top of that, the amazing Video Clip, directed by “Brad Cleary” takes us once again to a different dimension and magnetize us to screen baggin’ for more.

For us, Eurovision fans, Iveta was crowned already as she represented Armenia in 2016 contest, but the Queen isn’t stopping there.  It looks like Iveta’s heading for a bigger crown and she’s fully armored and ready to Conquer.

Watch out Beyoncé, It’s Rich Bitch time…


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