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The 18th edition of Junior Eurovision Song Contest will take place on November 29th 2020.

Host City:

 Warsaw, Poland.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and In order to protect the health of all the artists the 2020 show will have a different character and be staged remotely. meaning that the live show and the Interval acts will be broadcast live from Warsaw studio, but no delegation will arrive at studio as all the 13 acts will be preforming in their countries using a similar stage layout and technical set up. the chosen venue for the mission is TVP Headquarters studio no. 5



Stage Design:


Ida Nowakowska-Herndon, Małgorzata Tomaszewska, and, Rafał Brzozowski


Howe To Vote?


12 countries confirmed for the show

BELARUS Belarus Arina Pehtereva – Aliens (Пришельцы)

france-flag-button-round-xl France Valentina – J’imagine

georgia-flag-button-round-xl Georgia Sandra Gadelia – You Are Not Alone

germany-flag-button-round-xl Germany Susan – Stronger With You

kazakhstan-flag-button-round-xl Kazakhstan Karakat Bashanova – Forever

malta-flag-button-round-xl Malta Chanel Monseigneur – Chasing Sunsets

netherlands-flag-button-round-xl Netherlands UNITY – Best Friends

poland-flag-button-round-xl Poland Alicja Tracz – I’ll Be Standing

russia-flag-button-round-xl-1 Russia Sofia Feskova – My New Day (Мой новый день)

serbia-flag-button-round-xl Serbia Petar Ančić – Heartbeat

spain-flag-button-round-icon-256 Spain Soleá – Palante

ukraine-flag-button-round-xl Ukraine Oleksandr Balabanov – Vidkryvai (Відкривай)

**The official Running order will be as follows:


  1. Armenia
  2. Australia
  3. Israel
  4. Ireland
  5. Italy
  6. N Macedonia
  7. Portugal
  8. Wales


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National Finals:

keep tuned as much more news to come…

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