Love Eurovision? Let’s Share Our Love Together and Join Our Team!

If the Eurovision song contest runs in your blood it is the perfect time to get over with your P.E.D periods and starts to CREATE Eurovision memories every day!

Our family is looking for journalists, editors, content specialists, and social media masters from all over the world to join the ESCBEAT team.

Who can apply?


How to apply?

Simply write us a message on Facebook or send us an email ( and tell us how you would like to contribute

I've started to follow Eurovision back in 1987 while I was only 4 years old. Ever since that night, Eurovision became my biggest passion. I created ESCBEAT to make sure that Eurovision music will stay forever and built the biggest Eurovision archive exist on streaming platforms

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  1. Awesome Production we have ranked many of the EuroVision performances on our website The site ranks NMV’s or New Music Videos by YouTube View stats and your Votes. I am very interested in joining or helping in any way I can. We also recently started which is the International Virtual Academy of Music and Photography, its stated purpose is to bring standards and order to the internet. The organization is so new I am currently the only member, anyone interested in becoming a Vamp? One other thing we refer to our charts as NMV Charts or New Music Videos and the MVMV’s which would be the Most Viewed Music Video Charts. I like the idea of the actual awards being referred to as Vampies or MVMV’s, what do you think of that, does that sound okay or is it too much?

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