Eurovision 2020 #Playlists

All the music related to the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in one place!

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ESCBEAT came alive in order to create the biggest Eurovision music collection in the world, available to stream anywhere anytime through the digital platforms of AppleMusic, Spotify and YouTube.

While we’re still working on completing past year’s collection, we’re so excited to share with you the official page for the 2020 season. Enjoy the Music and may we have the best Eurovision season ever!


Eurovision 2020 ( 300x300


Eurovision 2020 – Rotterdam #Playlist 


Festivali i Këngës - Fest 58 300x300  Albania “FEST58” 2020 #Playlist

Depi Evratesil2020 Armenia “Depi Evratesil” 2020 #Playlist

Australia 2020 (Australia Decides – Gold Coast, Eurovision) #Playlist 300x300.png  Australia “You Decides” 2020 #Playlist

Croatia 2020 (Dora, Eurovision) (  Croatia “Dora” 2020 #Playlist

Czech 2020 (ESCZ, Eurovision) 300x300  Czech Republic “ESCZ” 2020 #Playlist

Estonia 2020 (Eesti Laul, Eurovision) ( 300 NEW  Estonia “Eesti Laul” 2020 #Playlist

Finland 2020 (Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu) (  Finland “UMK” 2020 #Playlist

Georgia 2020 (Georgian Idol - საქართველოს ვარსკვლავი, Eurovision) 300x300  Georgia “Georgian Idol – საქართველოს ვარსკვლავი” 2020 #Playlist

Israel “Hakuhav Haba” 2020 #Playlist

00 - Hungary 2020 (A Dal, Eurovision) (  Hungary “A Dal” 2020 #Playlist WD

00 - Iceland 2020 (Söngvakeppnin, Eurovision) #Playlist 300x300 Iceland “Söngvakeppnin” 2020 #Playlist

Israel 2020 (Hakohav Haba, Eurovision) 300x300 Israel “Hakohav Haba” 2020 #Playlist

Italy 2020 (Sanremo, Eurovision) (  Italy “Sanremo” 2020 #Playlist

Sanremo Giovani 2020 300x300 Italy “Sanremo Giovani” 2020 #Playlist

Lithuania 2020 (Eurovizijos Atranka Pabandom iš Naujo 2020, Eurovision) ( 300x302 Lithuania “Eurovizijos Atranka Pabandom iš Naujo” 2020 #Playlist

Latvia 2020 Supernova 300x300 Latvia “Supernova” 2020 #Playlist

Malta 2020 (X-Factor Malta - Season 2, Eurovision) 300x300 Malta “X-Factor” 2020 #Playlist

Norway 2020 (Melodi Grand Prix 2020, Eurovision) ( 310 Norway “Melodi Grand Prix” 2020 #Playlist

Portugal 2020 (Festival da Canção, Eurovision) ( - Official Album 300x300 Portugal “Festival da Canção” 2020 #Playlist

EUROVISION EMA – Sloveniat National Final 2020 300x300.jpg Slovenia “EMA” 2020 #Playlist

Slovenia 2020 (EMA FREŠ, Eurovision) (  Slovenia “EMA Freš” 2020 #Playlist

00 - Serbia 2020 (Beovizija Беовизија 2020, Eurovision) 300x300 Serbia “Beovizija” 2020 #Playlist

Melodifestivalen 2020 300x300  Sweden “Melodifestivalen” 2020 #Playlist

00 - Sweden 2020 (P4 Nästa, Eurovision, 300x300  Sweden “P4 Nästa” 2020 #Playlist


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I've started to follow Eurovision back in 1987 while I was only 4 years old. Ever since that night, Eurovision became my biggest passion. I created ESCBEAT to make sure that Eurovision music will stay forever and built the biggest Eurovision archive exist on streaming platforms

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