Follow EscBeat 2019 #Playlist Page. Eurovision season Is Officially Here!

Keep this post in your site Bookmarks because the next few weeks are going to be fullll with new music as Eurovision 2019 season is officially here!

EscBeat came alive in order to create for all ESC fans out there the biggest Eurovision music collection in the world, available to stream anytime and anywhere through the digital platforms of AppleMusic & Spotify.

While we’re still working on completing past years collection, we’re so excited to share with you the official page for 2019 season that will be updated live during 2019 National finals season with all the entries competing in the national finals worldwide!

Enjoy the Music and may we have the best Eurovision season ever!


Estonia 2019 #Playlist

France 2019 #Playlist

Hungary 2019 #Playlist

Latvia 2019 #Playlist



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