Eurovision 2017 Artists “Building Bridges”

“Building Bridges” 2015 Eurovision Song Contest theme is coming true these days.

Only a few days ago we told you about “JOWST” and “Manel Navarro” releasing together “Roller Coaster Ride“, and today another 2 artists from ESC 2017 join forces.

This time “SunStroke Project” trio, who represented Moldova twice in the contest (2010,2017), Releases “Tocame” together with the Swiss group “Timebelle”.

“Tocame” (translation: Touch me) is a sexy latino chick pop track combining perfectly the uplifting soft vocals of “Timebelle” vocalist “Miruna Mănescu” over the famous Saxo beat groove of “SunStroke Project” so get ready to get addicted!

The song released at the moment on Spotify only.  iTunes release sets for 11/16 and you can pre-order today.

In the meantime, you can enjoy some “Timebelle” and catch up with their latest charting single “Heartache

All is left now is to Imagine “DareToDream” vision 2 years from now…


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