Let The Music Guide You

It’s Winners Time!

Alexander Rybak” Who won the Eurovision song contest in 2009 with “Fairytale” returns with a new single.

Last May, Mr. Rybak gave us a music lesson on the Eurovision stage for the second time with “That’s how you write a song” and in his new song, released this week he shared with us another songwriter tip: “Let the music guide you”.

The songs inspired by Joik show us a new music style from Alexander. This time he uses strong Nordic motives with a chorus sounds almost like the hardcore “jon henrik” Melfest hymns.

In his social media, Alexander shared with us that another song by him is about to hit the floor this week. The next one will be a cover version collaborating with rock singer “Minniva” so there is a lot to wait for…


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There was a little boy standing
with his little boy tears
and a broken heart.
The other kids said
“You don’t belong with us,
just stay away!”

He was crying all day long.
His whole world felt so wrong,
when somewhere from the mountain
he heard a friendly song:

Ey-oh-loa, ey-oh-loa
Lift your heart, rise above,
and let the music guide you.
Ey-oh-loa, ey-oh-loa.
Spread your wings, shine your light
and let the music guide you.

The old man stood by the lonely tree
one rainy day.
The same place where they together
used to laugh and play.

Now with nobody else around,
there was no hope to be found.
When suddenly the tree would whisper
a familiar sound:



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