Carola’s “Let It In” Will Warm Your Holidays

As the preparation for this year Melodifestivalen is on run and November 27th was announced as the date the participant artist will reveal there is no better timing for a new single by Ms. Melfet, the queen, “Carola Häggkvist”.

The 3 time Sweden representative for Eurovision (1983, 1991 winner, 2006), returns with a new ballad, “Let It In”, written by Carola together with Sarah Lundbäck / Bell, Johan Åsgärde.

“…I believe in love. I believe in miracles

I believe in truth. I believe in You…”

“Let It In” talks about the closest subject to Carola’s heart, a true essence real love, the kind the uplifting your spirit and keeps your faith in strong. And with Christmas time knocking on our doors, Carola brings us the best heart warming tune for the holidays.

You can find “Let It In” together with all the latest ESC related hits  in the Eurovision Related 2018 #playlist



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