Will Erez Tal and Bar Refaeli Host 2019 Eurovision Song Contest?

The Israeli national broadcast Kann is working in full speed these days to bring us the biggest Eurovision ever!

One of their hardest missions in this journey is to find the appropriate hosts for this event. the Hosts should be representative, experienced in hosting live shows, knowledgeable in many languages and on top of that to have a great chemistry with the other hosts to be chosen.

Earlier this month, the Israeli show Erev Tov with Guy Pines reported that many talents stood up for a top-secret audition took place in “kfar shmariyahu” to verify potential hosts skills. Erez Tal won a consensus among the Eurovision Song Contest members in Israel before auditioning, and according to the present Bar Rafaeli decided as the best fit for this job.

Erez Tal is known as Mr. television in Israel for many years not only by his hours on the screen as a host (“wheel of fortune” “the big brother”) but also as genius format creator and producer such as the “The safe.  Erez was also the first ever Israeli Eurovision commentator and announced last year Netta’s victory to all Israeli viewers.

The supermodel Bar Rafaeli is one of the most famous Israeli faces as she model for all the biggest designers worldwide. Bar also host all the three seasons of the Israeli “X-factor”

This is not yet a final appointment, and the choice requires the approval of the European Eurovision Commission and signing a contract with the two. In case they will, Bar and Erez will be the main hosts for all live shows.

Besides them, another two names to host the green room are Lucy Ayoub and Assi Ezer. Lucy is the only talent signed in the Israeli broadcasting corporation and they sure demand at least one of the hosts chosen will be theirs.  In 2018 beautiful Lucy announced the Israeli points of the Israeli vote.


Together with her, named Assi Ezer. Assi has many years in hosting live shoes as he hosted “Big brother” together with Erez Tal for 8 seasons.  from 2015 Assi is the host of the Israeli talent show “Hakohav haba” (English: The next star) which is also the mechanism chooses the Israeli representative for the Eurovision song contest


In the next few weeks, the EBU together with the  Israeli broadcast will make an official statement with the hosts names for the Eurovision song contest that will take place in Expo Tel-Aviv on May 14-16-18.

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