In just 5 months from now, the biggest music event of the year is going to take place in the Unstoppable city of Tel-Aviv, Israel.

As the Race to choosing the artists to perform on the world’s biggest stage is on, and while we are still waiting for the official statement about the hosts (Erez Tal & Barr Refaeli and for the green room Assi Azar + Lucy Ayoub), The Israeli broadcast KAN tease us again, this time about the event’s stage.

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A few weeks an image script of the stage was leaked through the social media and today we get to see an official approval image of how the stage is going to look like.  The stage will once again be designed by the German designer ‏‎Florian Wieder who has previously constructed the amazing stages for 2011, 2012, 2015, 2017 and 2018 events.  Eurovision 2019 stage will have the most luxury look in all time as it shaped like a huge Diamond.  Based on the script we can see 3 catwalks, one in the front plus two more on both sides of the stage.  KAN also reveal they are trying to the maximizes the venue space in order to get 7,500 seats for the fans on top of 1,500 press and journalists worldwide.

The green room this year will be placed outside the main building and a special bridge will combine the two building together with a fairground area between them which will be like a small Eurovision village beside more 40 stages all over the city and the main Eurovision village in “charles clore” park.

Eurovision 2019 will take place in Expo Tel-Aviv on May 14-16-18 thank to Netta who won the contest the last year and brought the Eurovision to Israel for the 3rd Time


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