Iceland Söngvakeppnin 2019 Semi-Final Allocations Announced

Iceland is gearing up engines for Söngvakeppnin 2019.

Yesterday the 10 songs have been released and today it was revealed which artist will perform in which semi-final. Söngvakeppnin will have 2 semi-finals before the grand final on March 2nd. 5 songs will compete in each semi, and the top2 that will win the combination of the public and jury experts will qualify for the grand final.

Moreover, this year Söngvakeppnin will have a super final round too.  after the jury and the public will cast their votes, 2 entries will qualify for a super final round and have a chance to gain more points that will add up to their points from the first round.

All the songs available to listen HERE 

** The Official CD (with all Karaoke and English version included) was launched today on Spotify

Söngvakeppnin-2019 CD Spotify


Semi Final 1 (February 9th, 2019)

P 19 IS – SF1 – 00 – Hatari – Hatrið mun sigra

P 19 IS – SF1 – 00 – Hera Björk – Eitt andartak / Moving On (ENG)

P 19 IS – SF1 – 00 – Kristina Skoubo Bærendsen – Ég á mig sjálf / Mama said (ENG)

P 19 IS – SF1 – 00 – Þórdís Imsland – Nú og hér” / What are you waiting for (ENG)

P 19 IS – SF1 – 00 – Daníel Oliver – Samt ekki / Licky Licky (ENG)


Semi Final 2 (February 16th, 2019)

P 19 IS – SF2 – 00 – Elli grill, Skaði og Glymur – Jeijó, keyrum alla leið

P 19 IS – SF2 – 00 – Friðrik Ómar – Hvað ef ég get ekki elskað?  / What if I cant love? (ENG)

P 19 IS – SF2 – 00 – Ívar Daníels – Þú bætir mig / Make me whole (ENG)

P 19 IS – SF2 – 00 – Tara Mobee – Betri án þín  / Fighting for love (ENG)

P 19 IS – SF2 – 00 – Heiðrún Anna – Helgi / Sunday boy (ENG)



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