Germany Sends S!sters To Tel-Aviv

Germany held tonight their national final Unser Lied für Israel and decided that the due Carlotta Truman and Laurita named S!sters will sing “Sister” in Tel-Aviv.

it was a brilliant show tonight hosted by Barbara Schöneberger and Linda Zervakis.   The winning song will be decided by 33.3% Eurovision panel (consists of 100 members selected by Simon, Kucher & Partners), 33.3% International Jury and 33.3% televote. 

After all 7 songs presented and before the results the interval act took place with performances by Michael Schulte, Lena, Revolverheld and Udo Lindenberg

And for the results:

The international jury gave the maximum points for S!sters and 2nd place to Makeda. The Eurovision panel agreed on the 2nd place for Makeda but gave their maximum points for Aly Ryan. 

Calculating the juries results with the televote revealed the contest finals results as follows :

  • Aly Ryan – Wear Your Love (25 points)
  • BB Thomaz – Demons (13 points)
  • Gregor Hägele – Let Me Go (14 points)
  • Lilly Among Clouds – Surprise (25 points)
  • Linus Bruhn – Our city (23 points)
  • Makeda – The Day I Loved You Most (26 points)
  • Sisters – Sister (30 points)



The song originally was written for the Swiss selection by Swiss songwriters Marine Kaltenbacher and Tom Oehler together with Thomas Stengaard from Denmark and British Laurell Barker who also wrote 2019 UK entry “Bigger Than Us” and “Tempo” for Margaret participated in the Melodifestivalen this year.

Will this year entry beat 2018 Michael Schulte “You Let Me Walk Alone” 4th position?  As a part of the BIG5, Germany will automatically participate in the grand final on May 18 and will vote in the 2nd semi-final.

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