Premier Now: Kobi Marimi “Home” Official Remix

Kobi Marimi, the Israeli representative for the 64th Eurovision song contest, strikes again with the release of official remix for his ESC entry “Home”.

This time the powerful balled gets special treatment from “FOREVER TEL AVIV” resident Tomer Maizner together with Tomer G, and Dj PM.  This is not the first time these guys remix a Eurovision song. in 2017 they stood behind the unforgettable remix for Israel’s song to Kyiv, “I Feel Alive” by Imri Ziv.


The new remix will be the second chance that the Israeli ballad will turn into a club anthem.  a few weeks ago, we shared with you the unofficial remix for the song that was released by one of the biggest Dj’s in Israel, Tal Mor that brought an uplifting vibe for Kobi’s emotional vocals and made the song played in every recent party on TLV street and become very popular among the fans.

The new official remix supposed to be even more exciting so the expectation for the release reaches a higher limit.   The premiere will take place at 9:00 CET so set your alarm clock and get ready to shake your booty!


Besides the new release, Kobi Marimi, representing the host country Israel, performed his Eurovision entry “home” live for the first time at the “Eurovision in concert” event took place in Amsterdam this week and hosted almost 30 delegations participating this year.  With a brilliant vocal performance and despite some technical issues in his balance earphone, Kobi proved to all what real goosebumps feel like and stunned the Eurovision fans came all over the world.  at the part when Kobi sang the finish “home” note followed with his shy smile, there was not even one eye left dry among the crowd to this un-rational emotion burst and this performance definitely kept us looking forward to Kobi’s preparations for the grand final on May 18th.

BTW, On the same stage, together with Kobi, performed another Israeli, the one and only  Diva Dana International, who met Kobi just a week ago on a different stage when they both performed in  Kobi’s hometown for “Purim holiday celebrations.


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