Building Bridges: Eurovision 2019 And 2020 Coming To Netflix In The USA

Great news today for Eurovision Fans Living in America (me included).

The biggest VOD company in America, Netflix, has officially acquired the rights to stream Eurovision on its streaming platform.  The show fans will be able to watch the Tel-Aviv’s 2019 semi-finals and finals starting this Monday, July 22.  Viewers will also be able to see the upcoming 2020 show from the Netherlands right after the show.  Lucky for the contest fans overseas, Netflix seems to appreciate the interest of the American viewers in the European show and pull the broadcast rights from “Logo” that aired the show live for the for 1 year only in 2018.

Besides this Netflix is about to air during 2020 a special documentary film about this phenomenon called Eurovision and why it is attracting so many people around the world. a scene for this film was shot right before 2019 grand final has started on Expo arena and contains the real enthusiastic crowd cheering 2 entries that were written especially for the film, one represents Russia and the other represents Iceland. For those who don’t know, Eurovision is the biggest song contest in Europe, which brings more than 40 countries together each year for a celebration of cultures, languages, and nationalities together, broadcast in over 60 countries and with over 200 million viewers worldwide.

eurovision 2019.jpg

Want even more great news?

Netflix purchasing the rights to stream the most viewed show in Europe is just another step ahead before the real thing is about to hit the state 2021 and called “Eurovision America”.  The best “Eurovision minds” available are working on the American format among them Swedish Christer Björkman and Ola Melzig in corporation with “Brain Academy”. the team is trying to adjust the format for the different target, culture and gapping the Nationality dimension missing.

It will be interesting to see how the new format will work with states already unite together under one law, language and flag, and will the American crowd succeeded to copy the celebration in play “Eurovision”.  One thing is for sure, seeing the huge celebration in Tel-Aviv 2019 will definitely desire the viewers to join the party and make history.  Well done Netflix for a brilliant strategic move in reading your audience.



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