Norway: Big Changes and Dates of MGP 2020 Revealed

The Norwegian broadcaster, ΝRK, has decided to ass some massive changes in their famous national final MGP.

KEiiNO’s success at the Eurovision Song Contest last year has brought the Norwegian broadcast, NRK, to aim higher for 2020.  NRK had decided to stretch their song selection “Melodi Grand Prix” from a “one-night show” into a full season with 5 live shows, similar to their Scandinavian neighbors “Melodifestivalen”.

MGP 2020 will have double last year participants as 20 entries will battle for the golden ticket to represent the country in Rotterdam.

Every Saturday, Starting January 11th, 2019, four new songs will be presented for the Norwegian audience each week. two out of the four of them will qualify for the grand final night on February 15th, one of them will be selected by the public televots and the other by the other by a special jury.

A total of 10 acts will reach MGP 2020 final and the winner will be determined 100% by the public vote. the show dates are:

  • 1/11 – Norway – Melodi Grand Prix – Semi-Final 1
  • 1/18 – Norway – Melodi Grand Prix – Semi-Final 2
  • 1/25 – Norway – Melodi Grand Prix – Semi-Final 3
  • 2/1 –   Norway – Melodi Grand Prix – Semi-Final 4
  • 2/8 –   Norway – Melodi Grand Prix – Semi-Final 5
  • 2/15 – Norway – Melodi Grand Prix – Final

Norway will celebrate in 2020 its 60th participation in the contest. Last year,  KEiiNO represented the nordic country won the public votes with 291 points and came 6th scoring a total of 331 points including the international jury votes.


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