Eurovision 2020: The Swiss Broadcast SRF Calls For Songs

The Swiss national broadcast, SRF, confirmed today Switzerland’s participation in the 65th Eurovision Song Contest that will take place in Rotterdam on May 12,14 and 16 2020.

After last year’s representative Luca Hänni‘s huge success in the competition, SRF is aiming high and determined to restore 4th place, just as they did in 2019.  As you remember, Luca Hänni was chosen by an internal committee consisting a 100-member audience panel and a 20-member international experts jury, which appears to be a very good decision and a reasonable one enough to stick with the same mechanism for selecting the 2020 act too.

SRF have started a “call for songs” process and open a song submission window starting from today and until September 16th at 12:00pm. The songs submitted must meet all the broadcast requirements, the main one of them regarding the song publicity date as it cannot be released, on any platform, before the Swiss entry revelation day. Happening this year, there are no nationality restrictions for artists and composers. This is a huge deal because it means that they can benefit from worldwide exposure on the world’s biggest stage! more details available on SRF website HERE.

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