Wanna Know How It Feels To Look Like Sergey Lazarev? Now You Can!

Have you ever thought how does it feel to look like Russian’s biggest superstar Sergey Lazarev?  Well, the answer to that questions is closer than ever as a new Instagram feature will get you closer to the truth.

Lazarev (Сергей Лазарев) has found a new way to engage his worldwide fans, and, at the same time, found a new creative way to marketing his brand new album “Я Не боюсь” released last month.  The singer has launched an Instagram filter that simulates the album cover theme. Now, each one of us is offered to enter a photoshoot session with Sergey and create your own “Я Не боюсь” (Eng: I’m not afraid) cover.  So don’t waste any more time! go now on Instagram to take your selfie and share it with us just as we do at the moment.

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Нет, это не обложка альбома)) это новая Маска для сторис в Инстаграме , которую я сделал специально для вас по мотивам обложки моего нового альбома «Я не боюсь» ! Маску я назвал “Neon Vibe”! И она у вас появляется в «Масках» в сторис… пробуйте, наслаждайтесь, экспериментируйте! Тегайте меня! Хочу увидеть ваши сторис и как вы используете эту маску! Впереди новые маски! P.s. Кстати, одной из первых в нашей стране начала делать маски В инста- Лена Темникова, @lenatemnikovaofficial ! Лена, спасибо , что двигаешь новые темы в массы! И вдохновила меня ! #сергейлазарев #sergeylazarev #NeonVibe #Лови #ЯнеБоюсь #Lovi #Маска #Инстаграм

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“Я Не боюсь” eight tracks bring back the 80’s sounds with tones of style as we always served by Lazarev. just to take a look again in the album’s first single “Lovi” music video to get enchanted by Lazarev’s charm, that’s of course in case you haven’t fallen in his magic years ago.

Sergey Lazarev who represented Russia twice in the Eurovision song contest. his first attempt was in 2016 when his entry “you are the only one” finished in the 3rd place. Last year in Tel-Aviv, Lazarev returned the Eurovision stage with the power ballad “Scream” brought him again the honorable third place

“Я Не боюсь” is waiting for you together with all the latest releases on escbeat August playlist

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