Operación Triunfo Won’t Select The Spanish Act For Rotterdam

The Spanish national broadcast RTVE has decided to change the mechanism to choose the country’s Eurovision 2020 entry.

In the last two years, the winner of the reality show “Operación Triunfo” was also crowned as the Spanish representative for Eurovision. Sadly, the stars discovered on the show weren’t successful in copying the same vibe on the big stage, and ended their Eurovision experience being ranked in one of the last places on the scoreboard.

As a result, RTVE announced today that the artist that will go to Rotterdam will be a well-known artist that will be internally selected. As rumor has it, stars like Rosalía, Ruth Lorenzo and Diana Navarro has been offered the honor to represent the country, However afraid from “risking it all” for Eurovision. It is still unknown whether the song will be selected behind closed doors or through a song selection format open to the publics’ votes.

23 years old Miki Núñez represented Spain last year in Tel-Aviv. His entry “La Venda” scored a total 54 points ranked him in the finals 22nd place.

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