Filthy boys! Hatari Band Releases Their Most Provocative Video (Yet) KLÁMSTRÁKUR

Icelandic band Hatari has released today the music video for their brand new single “KLÁMSTRÁKUR” (Eng: Filthy boy)

The band consists of Klemens Hannigan, Matthías Haraldsson, and Einar Stefánsson delivers in “KLÁMSTRÁKUR” another perfect industrial techno track. the exact translation of the song is “porn boy” but the term “porn” cannot be used on the Icelandic media and replaced by “Filthy”. as you can probably guess, nothing with “Hatari” goes smooth and relaxed, this time as well.  the new song is followed with a super provocative video directed by Baldvin Vernharðsson & the band member Klemens Hannigan. in the video, you can see Klemens perform thong-shaking on a dance pool that leave very little space for your imagination.


Klemens was asked about the new song by METRO UK magazine and quoted “Filthy Boy raises questions about toxic masculinity, self-image and mental illness. For me, as the lead vocalist on this song, it’s me confronting shame about not necessarily fitting in, questioning the role that a man in the 21st century is placed into.”

On January 2020 the band will kick off the “Europe Will Crumble” tour, and tickets are on sale now

Hatari - Europe Will Crumble.png

Hatari At The Eurovision

Last year in Tel- Aviv, Hatari represented Iceland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 with “Hatrið mun sigra”. the band’s different look and musical style have received a lot of attention from the foreign media that covered the show which helped the band to placed 10th in the grand final. during the live show, the band waved the Palestinian flag in the green room despite the EBU’s warning to avoid any provocation. the incident caused the EBU the fine the Icelandic broadcaster RÚV with 5,000 EUR.

I've started to follow Eurovision back in 1987 while I was only 4 years old. Ever since that night, Eurovision became my biggest passion. I created ESCBEAT to make sure that Eurovision music will stay forever and built the biggest Eurovision archive exist on streaming platforms

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