Vanessa Amorosi Presents 10 Potential Songs For “Australia Decides 2020”



Australia will choose its artist and a song via the “Austalia Decides” show. On Thursday, 2 out of the 10 participants of the national selection have been revealed. One of the participants is the singer Vanessa Amorosi.

Vanessa is an Australian singer-songwriter. She is a 38-year-old old who rose to fame in 1999 with her debut single release “Have a Look”. She is well known as a versatile singer who covers various genres of music: Rock, Pop, Gospel, Jazz, and Blues. Vanessa had the honor to perform live on Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Sydney 2000 Olympics Games.


Vanessa released this week her fifth studio album – “Back To Love”, after a long period 10 years from her last album.

The album includes 11 songs. In an Instagram video post, Vanessa invites us to listen to the album and to guess which track taken from the new album will be her entry for “Australia Decides 2020“.However, only 10 out of the 11 songs are potential entries since one of the songs have been released in April 2019. We have to recall that Eurovision entries must be published only after the 1st of September of the suitable year.

“Heavy Lies The Head” is the song that was released “too early”:

The new album by Vanessa is diverse and emotional. In my opinion, the majority of the songs are really good. You can find right here the full album:

However, here are the top candidates according to my point of view:

Hello Me” 

The song was released on the 19th of September 2019. This is a power Pop Ballad. The sound and style can totally belong to her previous albums. The song is powerful, emotional, positive and rememberable. Vanessa shows easily her excellent vocal abilities. The song is about focusing on yourself and forget about old unfulfilled love (“Goodbye you, Hello me”). The song carries the sound of an appropriate power ballad together with a summer hit.

Lessons of Love

With no doubt, this is the most exciting song of the song. Vanessa talks about an unfaithful lover she had. She wants to forget and let it go, but find it hard to do. She related to her difficulties and struggles as essential lessons of life, lessons of love. She describes the end of love as a devastating experience. The song opened with a piano solo. The tension is well built until the grandiose couplet. Vanessa shoes a wide vocal range and puts a lot of emotion in her singing. The song can easily be one of the jury’s favorites. It deserves art, quality, emotions and the most important: it’s catchy and powerful.

I thought you are a faithful kind

 I give you my heart, but my heart went blind

Fighting my jealous mind

trigger my world like a loaded gun”

I am sorry for the things you have done

I am wishing it could be enough

“Gimme Your Love”

The song is just 3 minutes of dance and fun. It has strong foundations of the 80’s music, but it’s still relevant and modern in its way. Vanessa uses her high and jaunty voice together with Soul and Gospel foundations. The song has the opposite message comparing the previous two songs. She is seeking for love and embraces. It could be the joyful song of Eurovision 2020.

Let’s dance in the rain forever

Why should we hide when our love is so right together?

Which song will Vanessa choose as her “Australia Decides 2020” entry?

Almost any of the songs should be revamped up to 3 minuted version.

We wish good luck to Vanessa Amorosi!


Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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