Junior 2019: Take A Look At The First Rehearsals Of All 19 Participating Acts

The moment of truth is closer than ever!

The Junior Eurovision week has been started and now all the 19 acts have taken their first run on the magnificent stage built for the show. lucky for us, the official channel of the contest has uploaded a sneak peek video from each rehearsal and you can now have a better clue of what to expect on Sunday’s grand final live show. Here you can find all the 1st rehearsals of the 19 acts participating:

Junior Eurovision Order 2019

#1 Australia will be represented by Jordan Anthony that will sing โ€œWe Will Riseโ€

#2 France will be represented by Carla that will sing โ€œBim Bam Toiโ€

#3 Russia will be represented by Tatyana Mezhentseva & Denberel Oorzhak that will sing โ€œA Time For Usโ€

#4 North Macedonia will be represented by Mila Moslov that will sing โ€œFireโ€

#5 Spain will be represented by Melanie Garcia that will sing โ€œMarteโ€œ

#6 Georgia will be represented by Giorgi Rostiashvili that will sing โ€œWe Need Loveโ€œ

#7 Belarus will be represented by Liza Misnikova that will sing โ€œPepelnyโ€œ

#8 Malta will be represented by Eliana Gomez Blanco that will sing โ€œWe Are Moreโ€œ

#9 Wales will be represented by Erin Mai that will sing โ€œCalon yn Curoโ€

#10 Kazakhstan will be represented by Yerzhan Maxim that will sing โ€œArmanyล„nan Qalmaโ€

#11 Poland will be represented by Viki Gabor that will sing โ€œSuperheroโ€œ

#12 Ireland will be represented by Anna Kearney that will sing โ€œBansheeโ€œ

#13 Ukraine will be represented by Sophia Ivanko that will sing โ€œThe Spirit Of Musicโ€œ

#14 The Netherlands will be represented by Matheu that will sing โ€œDans Met Jouโ€

#15 Armenia will be represented by Karina Ignatyan that will sing โ€œColours Of Your Dreamโ€œ

#16 Portugal will be represented by Joana Almeida that will sing โ€œVem Comigoโ€

#17 Italy will be represented by Marta Viola that will sing โ€œLa Voce Della Terraโ€

#18 Albania will be represented by Isea ร‡ili that will sing โ€œMikja Ime Fรซmijรซriโ€

#19 Serbia will be represented by Darija Vraฤeviฤ‡ that will sing Raise Your Voice

The 17th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be held on November 24th, 2019, at the Gliwice Arena in Gliwice, Poland. Follow the Junior Eurovision 2019 Homepage for all the latest updates of the show




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