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RTSH (The Albanian Broadcaster) will probably publish the competing songs of “Festivali I Këngës” in the first week of December 2019. There is an option that the full songs will be published alongside acoustic versions.

An unofficial source claims that Elvana Gjata will perform a “Fuego Rhythmic song”, while Arilena Ara will perform a ballad. Moreover, Kamela Islamaj will perform a Pop Rock song and Kanita Suma will perform a ballad.




ORF (The Austrian Broadcaster) has chosen an artist and a song internally. More details will be announced later. ORF will reveal the artist before the song.




SBS (The Australian Broadcaster) has announced additional 2 artists who will participate in the national selection “Australia Decides 2020“. They will join Vanessa Amorosi and Casey Donovan.

The 3rd competing artist is Mitch Tambo. He is  29 years old and a proud Gamilaraay man based in Melbourne. Mitch is familiar with his unique ethnic sound originates from his heritage. Talking about Australia decides 2020 Mitch was quoted saying: I’m thrilled to be part of Eurovision Australia Decides in 2020 and to get the chance to perform on the world’s biggest stage. Eurovision songs often mix elements of traditional and contemporary sounds, which is exactly what I set out to do in my own music. Most importantly, it brings different cultures together all under the banner of music, which is a beautiful thing!”.

Mich rose to fame after participating in “Australia got Talent 2019″. Mich has reached the grand final of the show.

Mich Tambo.jpg

The 4th competing artist is iOTA. Among his career peaks, you can find taking parts in successful musicals such as “Hedwig & the angry inch” and “The rocky horror show” and being nominated for ARIA Award on the “Best Album” category.  iOTA shared his excitement from Australia Decides participation saying: ““I’m not your typical music competition kind of guy, but I am attracted to the Eurovision Song Contest for the color and movement, music and performance, light and shade, creativity and self-expression, singing and working an audience”


The remaining six artists will be revealed later on.




Bulgaria will reveal the selected artist on Monday the 25th of November 2019.  The rumored reported artist is Victoria Georgieva.Bulgaria artist 25 of November 2019.png

Victoria Georgieva





Greek media reports that Cyprus Broadcaster CyBC has already chosen its representative for Eurovision 2020. The lucky singer is Sandro Nicolas chosen internally. According to Greek media, Sandro Nicolas will perform one of the following songs: “Mucho Calor” (uptempo dance), “Can’t Look Away” (midtempo) and “Never Let You Down” (modern pop). Two of the songs were written by foreign musicians, while the other was written by a greek musician.

Sandro Nicolas is a Greek singer that has participated in “The Voice of Germany”. The German Broadcaster showed interest in him for Eurovision 2020 but it seems that Sandro won’t be relevant for them.

sandro nicolas.jpg

CyBC had a wishing list of 3 singers to choose an artist from. The other singers were Ivy Adamou that represented Cyprus in Eurovision 2012.

The other was the soul and R&B singer Ian Stratis




Last Sunday, the first live show of “Georgia Idol” was held. Merab Amzoevi was eliminated while Tamar Kakalashvili won the public vote. 9 candidates remain in the competition and only one of them will represent Georgia in Eurovision 2020.




FT (The French Broadcaster) didn’t reveal any details about Eurovision 2020 selection of an artist and a song.  However, one can observe that the videos of “Destination Eurovision 2018” and “Destination Eurovision 2019” have been deleted from the Youtube channel. The French Broadcaster is planning to change the familiar format. Therefore, it is reasonable to suppose that France will choose an artist internally and the song will be chosen in a national selection. Another option is that the artist/artists will be selected among previous editions of Destination Eurovision participants.




Last Wednesday, Israel has started the 7th season of “The Rising Star” (“Hacochav Haba La’Eurovision”) in order to find its representative for Rotterdam. The Format will be similar to last year except for a small change on the judging panel as the singer Itay Levi will replace the Israeli representative for Eurovision 2010 Harel Skaat.

Israel Rising Star 2020.png

הכוכב הבר 2020.jpg

From the first auditions episode, five candidates have been qualified for the next level:

Ella-Lee Lahav (96%)

Ohad Shragai (88%) who was one of the composers and writes of Israel song for Eurovision 2019 – “Home”

Raviv Kaner (93%)

Or Amrami-Brockman (97%)

Daniel Ben-Efrayim (72%)

The show production has also teased the names of all audition qualifiers, saying this year representative for Eurovision 2020 will be called:




The Latvian Broadcaster LTV has received a record number of 126 songs for “Supernova 2020“. In 2019, LTV got 83 songs while in 2018 LTV got 93 songs. Supernova producer Ilze Jansone  reports that some artists have sent two songs. The 2020 submitted songs Characterized by more solo female singers and more Latvian songs. Furthermore, a lot of genres got their respect in the submitted songs: Pop, Rock, Schlager, Metal and funny songs. There are two songs with an identical name that carries the name of one of Supernova 2019 songs.


The whole format is yet to be discussed. However, it is known that the Supernova 2020 final will be held on Saturday the 8th of February. LTV may decide to skip the semi-finals.




The third week of “EMA FRES” is over. 3 Duels took place this week:

Saška won over Ljudmila Frelih,  Nuša Pliberšek won over Alfirev and  Marmoris won over Lana Hrvatin. Later on, the three duels winners faced each other and only two of them qualified to the next level: Saška and Marmoris. One of them was chosen by the public voting and the other was chosen by the jury.


6 young artists qualified for the next level: Stella, YouNite, Klarity, Parvani Violet, Marmoris and Saška. Nevertheless, the other 12 young artists will compete in 6 duels along the two next weeks. 4 artists among them will join the six winners. Afterward, the 10 qualifiers will compete in EMA FRES final where two of them will get a spot in the EMA 2020 Final. 10 artists will compete in EMA 2020 Final, 8 of them have already been chosen by RTVSLO (The Slovenian Broadcaster).




On Tuesday, the 26th of November 2019, SVT (The Swedish Broadcaster) will hold a special event where the 28 competing artists of “Melodifestivalen 2020″ will be revealed! joining the rumored names this week is 2019 hopeful Mohombi, idol runner William Strid, and singer Klara Hammarström

The only act that was confirmed is Amanda Aasa. However, there is a list of artists that are likely to participate in “Melodifestivalen 2020″:

1.Anna Bergendahl

2.Robin Bengtsson

3.Anis Don Demina

4.Thorsten Flinck

5.The Mamas

6.Victor Crone

7.Hanna Ferm

8.Jakoc Karlberg

9.Eric Saade

10.Suzi P

11.Albin Johnsén

12.Linda Bengtzing

13.Frida Öhrn

14.Paul Rey

15.Renaida Braun

16.Ellen Benediktson & Simon Peyron


18. Amanda Aasa

19. Mohombi

20.Klara Hammarström

21.William Strid


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