Breaking News: The Eurovision 2020 Logo Is Here!

The Eurovision Song Contest 2020 official logo has been revealed!

The designed logo for the 65th edition of the contest was created by CLEVER°FRANKE agency and visualizes the 41 countries’ from the moment they joined the contest. Sietse Bakker, the Executive Producer Event of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 explains the idea behind the logo, saying “This design follows the characteristics of Dutch Design: minimalistic, experimental and innovative. It tells a story, it’s colorful, festive and, not unimportantly, widely applicable”


Earlier this year, the official slogan “open Up” was announced too. this is the first time in Eurovision history that the slogan will be an open one as Bakker explained. we can open up to music, cultures, each other, etc.

The 65th Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Ahoy stadium in Rotterdam on May 12-14-16, 2020.

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