Review: Songs of the Czech National Selection

7 artists compete in the national selection of the Czech Republic for Eurovision 2020.
The voting is still available in the official app of the Eurovision Song Contest.
In this post, I will review the 7 songs.

#1. Barbora Mochowa – White & Black Holes
Barbora Mochowa

Barbora Mochowa was born in 1993. At the age of 7, she participated in the television show  “Rozjezdy pro hvězdy”. Afterward, she participated in other television shows. Barbora learned to play the violin, therefore she is still attracted to classical music and influenced by it.
Barbora isn’t a stranger to the Czech selection. Last year, she participated in the national final with the beautiful ballad “True Colors


Barbora will perform “White & Black Holes

It’s a dark and dreamy captivating ballad. Barbora was involved in the writing and production of the song. The atmosphere is of a movie’s soundtrack. Barbora’s voice is special and remind the voice of Lana Del Ray. The hight fitch notes are very impressive. On the one hand, the song is complex in a good way: it’s far away from being generic. The song has its own unique structure and stamp. On the other hand, the complexity of the song makes it less catchy.
Besides being a musical creature, the song is a good poem that emphasizes it in a positive light.
The song will be probably more likable by juries.
It’s a matter of taste: It can be described as an artistic entity or you must admire a very specific genre to like the song.

#2. Benny Cristo – Kemama
Benny Cristo

Benny Cristo is active since 2009. In 2019, he released a successful EP called Kontakt which contains 6 songs. 3 of the songs (“Bomby”, “Asio”, “Padam) became big hits in the Czech Republic and each of them more the 14 million views on YouTube.
In September 2019 he performed for 15.000 people, which he decided to do again in 2020.

It’s a Latin Hip-Hop song. The song has good vibes, but it is generic and too similar to other songs. It’s one of the modern songs of this year’s national selections. We’ve not been exposed to that kind of song in the Eurovision Song Contest. Therefore, the way it will work or won’t work remains uncertain. In my opinion, the song will have difficulty in finding a suitable suit on the Eurovision stage.

#3. Elis Mraz & Cis T  – “Wanna Be Like”
Elis Mraz & Cis T

Elis Mraz is a Czech singer and songwriter. Nowadays, she is working on her next album in which as usual she writes all the songs by herself. Elis rose to fame when she participated in NOVA Voice of the Czech Republic and reached the semi-finals. In 2014, she was awarded for ‘Discovery of The Year”  in Czech Nightingale Mattoni.

Cis T (Čistychov) is an urban hip-hop artist from Slovakia. So far, he released 13 studio albums. He is active since 1996 and he is considered to one of the founders of the Hip-Hop sound in Slovakia.

It’s a Pop Reggaeton song with Latin motives. Elis reminds me of Meghan Trainor.
Some parts of the song are being sung too fast, so you can barely understand the lyrics.
The structure of the song is pretty uniform, so it’s easy to have enough before it ends. The rap part is in the Spanish language. Unfortunately, Cis T‘s voice isn’t powerful enough.
The final outcome is Ok, but I don’t think it will be the right choice for Eurovision.


#4. Karelll – “At Least We’ve Tried”

Karelll is a Czech singer-songwriter and a music producer. He studied songwriting in London. Afterward, he has the possibility of launching his career. Karelll has his own recording studio where he and many other artists record their music. Karelll has a band with whom he is planning to perform live.

It’s a simple piano ballad that talks about love. For me, the song is a little bit unimaginative. It’s hard to find it’s uniqueness. Karelll voice is on point. but his English accent may be problematic. The chorus is much stronger than the verses.


#5. Olga Lounová – “Dark Water”
Olga Lounová

Olga Lounová is a singer and composer who has performed in more than 1500 concerts. She is one of the famous singers in her country, achieving millions of views on YouTube.
She opened for P!nk during one of her concerts in Prague. Olga splits her life between Prague and Los Angele where she is mostly recording her songs in.

This is a love ballad. It is opened interestingly.  Olga’s voice is stable, gentle and warming. I love the way she breaks the words in her singing considering the melody. The song is well built to its peak and break. The song has a great staging potential. One can claim that the video clip reminds of Duncan’s video clip of “Arcade” with the “under-water” effect. Olga has the ability to excite the listeners.

#6. Pam Rabbit – “Get Up”
Pam Rabbit

Pam Rabbit is a Czech singer and writer with Armenian roots. Pam has a passion for music and dancing from a young age. She creates her own music videos. She earns a living by singing in bands and writing for other artists.
Pam got her nickname “Rabbit“, since her strong connection with animals.
Pam isn’t a stranger to Eurovision. In 2018, she was one of the backing vocalists of Mikolas Josef who represented the Czech Republic in Eurovision 2018.
In 2019, she competed in the national selection with “Easy To Believe

The opening is mysterious and promising. Pam has a special voice that maybe her advantage and disadvantage together at the same time.  The beat of the song creates a surprising and strong frame for the song. The third part of the song contains some rap-singing of Pam. Sometimes, she sings unclearly so understanding the lyrics becomes a challenge. Sometimes, it feels like the melody in this song is much more important than the other components.
With the right staging, it may be effective.


#7. We All Poop – “All The Blood”
We all Poop

We all Poop is a pop-rock band consisting of 4 people:

Jakub Božek – lead singer


Jakub has been doing music since the age of 14. He started singing at the age of 27. Jakub started to take singing lessons not so long ago.



Vojtěch Božek – bass guitar


Vojtěch (Vojta) is 25 years old. He has been doing music since the age of 15. He founded a music label named Stone Smoker, who mostly works with psychedelic bands from all over the world.



Šimon Martínek – guitar


Šimon has been playing in several bands, where he is the guitar player, but also songwriter and vocalist. He earns his living as a guitar teacher at the International School of Music and Fine Arts in Prague. He is currently studying in the Prague Conservatory himself.



Michal Jiráň – drums, main composer

Michal‘s first steps in the music world were when he was a teenager and studied playing the piano, guitar, and bass guitar. afterward, he started playing drums. Michal worked as a music editor and sound engineer in the theatre. Nowadays, he works in music production.

It’s a Rock Pop song. The video clip is sick and morbid. Nothing special happens in the song, it’s decent but sounds like another American college band. It seems like the members of the band are charismatic. The production is excellent and you can feel how the lead singer is connected to the lyrics. Unfortunately,  I don’t think it will be enough. The style can be related to rock bands that participated in the Ukrainian national selection in the past.

My Ranking:

#1. Barbora Mochowa – White & Black Holes
#2. Olga Lounová – “Dark Water”
#3. Pam Rabbit – “Get Up”
#4. We All Poop – “All The Blood”
#5. Elis Mraz & Cis T  – “Wanna Be Like”
#6. Karelll – “At Least We’ve Tried”
#7. Benny Cristo – Kemama

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Doron Lahav is 28 years old guy who lives in Israel. Doron watches Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and also shows interest in singing and writing.

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