Review: Ukraine (“Vidbir 2020” ) – Semi-Final 1


Ukraine will select an artist and a song dor Eurovision 2020 via the national selection “Vidbir“.
Vidbir” includes 2 semi-finals and grand final.
In each semi-final, 8 artists will compete and only 3 among them will qualify for the final. Therefore, the final will include 6 acts.
The results of the 3 shows will be determined by 50% public voting and 50% jury voting.


In this post, I will review the 8 competing acts of the first semi-final of “Vidbir 2020″

#1.[О] – Там, Куди Я Йду (Eng: Where I’m Going)


The song is opened with an instrumental element and without any words. Afterward, a rhythmic beat is added and the words start to flow.  There is a use of saxophone in the melody. The majority of the line has the motives of rhyme. The lead singer uses some vocal improvisations. The oriental aspect is a significant dimension of the song. It’s a song with a lot of fun, but it becomes a little bit repetitive at a specific point.


#2.  Jerry Heil – Vegan

Jerry Heil

The song describes the vegetarianism phenomenon from a point of view that connects with accepting the other, with an emphasis on the relationships world. The genre is Pop of the previous decade. The singer uses a soft and gentle voice in the verses, sometimes she performs rap. The song is very catchy and has a message that can push it through. In the beginning, the melody is based on keyboard playing. While afterward, the computerized processing is taking an enormous place in the melody. The lyrics suggest a comparison between the main character in the song and a haunted animal. Shee asks not to be shotted. The song is good and actually effective than expected.


#3. Katya Chilly – Pich

Katya Chilly

The song hasn’t been released yet.


#4. Krutь – 99


It’s a lullaby- ballad that is performed with a gentle, soft and dominant voice. The melody is based on keyboards, guitar, and xylophone. The singer sings in 2 languages: English and Ukrainian. The xylophone. playing becomes a main element of the song. I feel that the song lacks a peak point. It’s beautiful but periodic. I am afraid that it won’t stand out among the others.


#5. Go_A – Соловей  (Eng: The Nightingale)


It starts with the playing of traditional wind instruments. Afterward, we get singing in a “white voice” (just like Tulia from Poland 2019). Thereafter, it becomes a harmony of voices. The melody is magical, attractive and creates emotions of being in nature which relates to the nightingale in the title. The use of Ukrainian together with oriental motives contributes a lot to the whole package. Towards the end, the song becomes more “western” in the production until the wishful drop. There is a use of electronic guitar. The song is ended with powerful singing.


#6. Cloudless – Drown Me Down


It’s a modern Pop Rock song. The song is opened with vocal harmony and electronic guitars. The first verse is pretty short and thus we get the first occurrence of the chorus at an early point. The chorus is convincing, catchy, and interesting. The style and the genre is a hybrid production between “Maroon 5” and “One Republic“. Thereafter, the verses become more powerful and significant. The bridge before the chorus lets the singer show his vocal abilities and presence. Besides, the song includes a transition that’s based on vocal improvisation alongside a solo of electronic guitar. The final outcome is a great song that you can’t avoid.


#7.Gio – Feeling So Lost


It’s a pop-rock love ballad. GIO has great control in his voice. The melody is very basic and common, it is based on classical guitar. The song would be a safe choice which won’t stand out in the whole competition. The whole package can be attractive thanks to the vocals and stage presence. However, the song itself is just OK and namely generic.


#8. Assol – Save it


It’s a modern mid-tempo dance-pop song. Her singing is effortless. There is a sensual atmosphere in the song. The continuing beat creates a stable structure, while the rhythm is on point. It’s a pop song, but Assol puts in some elements of Soul music.
It’s important to give the song a suitable suit with a banger staging unless it will lose all of the magic.

Ukraine 2020 (Vidbir відбір, Eurovision) #Playlist 300x300

Before I will introduce my ranking, I have to mention that the Ukrainian national selection is really strong this year. It would be so hard to choose only 3 qualifiers fro, this semi-final.


My Ranking

#1. Cloudless – Drown Me Down
#2. Go_A – Соловей
#3. Jerry Heil – Vegan
#4. Assol – Save it
#5. [О] – Там, Куди Я Йду
#6.Gio – Feeling So Lost
#7. Krutь – 99



Doron Lahav is 28 years old guy who lives in Israel. Doron watches Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and also shows interest in singing and writing.

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