Review: “Eesti Laul 2020 Final” (Estonia)

Estonia will broadcast tonight its national final “Eesti Laul 2020”.
The selection included 2 semi-finals and a final which will be held tonight.
In each semi-final, 12 artists competed for 6 spots in the final.
The results were determined by 50% jury voting and 50% public voting.

Tonight, the show will include 2 voting rounds.
In the first round, all of the 12 acts will be performed. The results will be determined by 50% public voting and 50% jury voting. The top3 finishers in the combined results will advance for the super-final.
The second round will be the super-final. 3 contenders will face the public voting that determines the winner identity.

In this post, I will review the 12 competing acts of the “Eesti Laul 2020

#1. INGER – Only Dream

Inger Estonia

The song begins with hissing and guitar playing. It’s a basic Country ballad that is predictable. It’s from the kind of songs that we used to hear a lot of times. Inger’s voice is controversial and dominant like in all of her other songs. The song has parts where the singer has difficulties to hit the right note or her vocal range doesn’t fit to.
In the live performance, she is just standing and playing the guitar while singing. The camera is focusing on couples in the crowd, hoping to catch them kissing.
Generally, something is missing in the song.


 02 – Rasmus Rändvee – Young

Rasmus Rändvee

This is an anthem ballad, in an Avicii style. Rasmus serves a solid and warming voice that contributes to the message of the song. This is one to the Top Radio friendly songs of “Eesti Laul 2020″. However, it has the material of a Eurovision song. The song is based mainly on the Rockist voice of the singer and the guitars playing. The chorus and the pre-chorus starts strongly. The song is easy to remember.
In the live performance, he started singing while sitting on a sofa that’s located in the crowd. Afterward, he is walking on the stage and the majority of the performance is on the bridge of the stage.
The entry can be boosted if the singer will use more of his flint voice.

#3. Stefan- “By My Side”

Stefan Airapetjan

It is an exciting ballad that’s opened with a solo of acoustic guitar. Stefan’s singing is soft, emotional and relates to the song theme. His singing is being transformed along with the song and afterward becomes more rockist and powerful.
In the live performance, he is relying on intimacy and lights of telephone mobiles from t the crowd. There is a dancer that’s standing almost frozen far away from him.
You can feel the connection between the singer and the lyrics and off course that it raises the values of the song.



#4.  Synne feat. Väliharf – “Majakad” (Eng: Lighthouses)

Synne feat. Väliharf

It is an old fashioned song, in the meanings of melody and of interpretation. What they are trying to do here feels like a combination of too many components and genres together: Schlager, Pop, Rap, Rhythm, Folk and more.
In live performance, the screen presents sea-waves. The stage is blue and includes moving flashlights to illustrate the lighthouses in the song. The Väliharf  duo
The integration between Väliharf andSynne Valtri seems un-natural. The young generation won’t be attracted to the song. However, the singer has a lot of fans in Estonia. I don’t see it supplying the right outcome for Estonia.


#5. Uudo Sepp – I’m Sorry. I Messes Up

Uudo Sepp

It’s a mainstream radio Pop song that has all the ingredients to be a radio hit. Uudo has a special voice that fits well the guitar playing. He uses wisely his flint voice. But the problem is that the song is a little bit one among others. In other words, it’s not a lie to claim that it resembles other songs. The last half-minute of the song is just beautiful, especially when the music disappears.
In live performance, the stage is dark and in the beginning, we can only see Uudo.
There are several tiny flashlights on the stage. In the chorus, the lyrics are presented on a screen. There a piano player next to him. The ending is effective and emotional.



#6. Uku Suviste – What Love Is

Uku Suviste2

The song was written by Uku Suviste and Sharon Vaughn who was one of the writers behind “Scream” by Sergey Lazarev (Russia 2019). The song starts with gentle piano playing. It’s a little bit dated ballad song. The song arrives at its peak in the choruses. The genre can be described as a power Pop Rock Ballad. The vibe of the song is of Russian Pop song from the past. I think that the opening of the song is too weak.
In live performance, the stage is dark. The screen shows abstract blue and glitter shapes.
Big lighting sticks popping down slowly. The stage is extremely lightened and we can see the word “Love” and a lot of orange candles.
I feel that it’s too dramatic. Uku‘s vocals weren’t on point if we are honest, the song is dated and kitschy. However, there is a chance that Uku will be a super-finalist.



#7. Shira – Out In Space

Shira Marika Rodionova

That’s what I call a surprise. Shira is a young artist that came to the competition with tones of talent and charisma. The song is interesting, curious and sophisticated. Shira has a warm and captivating voice and excellent interpretation. You can understand every single word she pronounces. The song has some dark elements, but the main genres are rock and blues. The words are not kitschy and her voice has a unique stamp.
In live performance, she is wearing a white dress and sitting next to the piano, while no one is playing it. The screen presents blue, white and green shapes. There is a use of wind effects. Her vocals were accurate.
For my personal taste, Shira is one of the contenders to win “Eesti Laul 2020”. With the right staging, she can lead Estonia to a decent achievement in Eurovision 2020.



#8. Annet and Fredie – “Write About Me”

The song opens with a guitar solo that precedes the gentle and soft voice of Annet. The sound of the song moves between the roughness of electrics guitars and the warmness of Annet’s voice. The atmosphere of the song is pretty romantic. The entry has strong Blues, Jazz, and theatrical foundations. moreover, the song contains computerized musical processing which should be removed in the live version. This is a good and catchy song.
In live performance, Annet is singing with the help of a microphone stand. Ferdie is playing the guitar, pretty far from her. In the second chorus, 3 trumpet players are on the stage and they spread the romantic message of the song. In the ending, Fredia and Annet are close. The vocals were great and it felt like we are hearing the studio version.


#9.  Jaagup Tuisk – Beautiful Lie

Jaagup Tuisk

The song starts with the singer’s voice together with some backing vocalists and without any melody. Thereafter, dramatic piano playing enters the song that becomes softer towards the end of the chorus. The interpretation is emotional and gentle with a flint voice. The song lives between the world of a personal ballad to a love song. The song talks about how the writer with his current relationship should be and continue. However, he understands that it will be fake and nothing more than a lie.
The live performance is a reconstruction of the video clip. In the beginning, Jaagup is alone on the stage and there is a game of camera shots angles. The lighting is dramatic. In a specific point, a female dancer is joining the stage. They are dancing together and alone. There is a rain effect on the stage.
The singer has excellent vocal abilities. It’s one of the few songs in “Eesti Laul 2020” that has the foundations of a winner. It could be a potential winner in “Eesti Lau 2020″.


#10. Traffic – Üks Kord Veel (Eng: “One More Time”)

Traffic estonia

It’s a very basic anthem ballad with Country foundations. The song was written by Victor Crone (Estonia 2019) and Stig Rästa who composed Estonian entries for Eurovision 2015,2016,2019 and represented Estonia in 2015 alongside Elina Born. The song is almost cyclic. It feels like a group of college friends that gathered to play together just for fun.
In live performance, the camera is moving from one member of the band to another. Every member has a role in the scene (singing or playing a specific musical instrument).
In some cases, the screen is split. The vocals were fine, except for the modulation in the second part of the chorus.
I’m sorry, but I find nothing special or attractive in this song.




#11. Egert Milder – “Georgia (On My Mind”)

Egert Milder

The Genre of the song can be defined as an anthem ballad. It’s a nice song, but something feels flat. The beginning may be considered promising, but it doesn’t go anywhere. The song can be a standard radio song. The majority of the entry is based on piano/keyboard playing. However, as the song continues, drums and guitar are added. The song includes a linking section with backing vocals and “a half acapella”.
In live performance, Egert starts while he is sitting next to the piano and playing it. Beside him, there is a drummer and guitarist on stage. In the middle of the song, he is standing and the guitarist switches hi, on the piano. At the peak of the song, he is standing on the back of the piano, which I dint unnecessary.


#12. Laura Põldvere – “Break Me”

Laura Põldvere


The song is opened with a monotonic guitar playing. Laura sings a  little bit through the nose. The chorus is significantly stronger than the verses. The song carries an atmosphere of the American frontier (“The Wild West”).  The final result is a love ballad of the Soul-Pop Genres. At the end of the song, her singing becomes more powerful. The song is pretty good, but not excellent.
In live performance, we experience augmented reality. In fact, there are 2 arenas in the performances. In the first “arena” Laura is lying on her back with a white dress. There is a thick smock around her. Two big hands shadows are in the background, trying to bother her. On the actual stage, nothing is interesting in terms of visuals.
My main problem was her vocals. She wasn’t accurate and sometimes missed the right moment to start singing.


My Personal Ranking

Estonia 2020 (Eesti Laul, Eurovision) ( 300 NEW

#1– Shira – Out In Space
#2– Anett & Fredi – Write About Me
#3– Jaagup Tuisk – Beautiful Lie
#4– Stefan – By My Side
#5 – Uudo Sepp – I’m Sorry. I Messed Up
#6– Rasmus Rändvee – Young
#7– Uku Suviste – What Love Is
#8 – Egert Milder – Georgia (On My Mind)
#9– Laura Põldvere – Break Me
#10 – INGER – Only Dream
#11– Synne Valtri feat. Väliharf – Majakad
#12– Traffic – Üks Kord Veel

My prediction

I predict that the super-final will be composed of 3 male singers.
It will be 3 of the following:

Jaagup Tuisk – Beautiful Lie
Stefan – By My Side
Uku Suviste – What Love Is
Egert Milder – Georgia (On My Mind)
Rasmus Rändvee – Young

My prediction for the winner is Jaagup Tuisk

Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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