Review: “Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2020” – Final (Denmark)

Denmark will choose an artist and a song for Eurovision 2020 via the traditional national selection – “Melodi Grand Prix

The participants in the selection show have been chosen in a different way considering last years.

The Danish broadcaster DR opened a submission period for artists and composers to submit their entries on the 1st of November 2019.
9 songs were selected for the P4 radio selection and 5 songs pre-qualified for the national selection.
The 9 acts of the P4 radio selection were divided into 3 groups (according to region issues). From each group, only one artist qualified for the final. 2 eliminated acts were saved by getting a wildcard from the jury.

Therefore, 10 artists will compete in the “Melodi Grand Prix 2020″.
The competition will include 2 rounds of voting.
First-round – all of the 10 artists will compete. The results will be determined by 50% public voting and 5o% jury voting.
Second-round– as known as the “Super Final”. The top 3 finishers of the first round will compete again. he results will be determined by 50% public voting and 5o% jury voting.

In this post, I will review the 10 competing acts.
Note: At the moment, the running order hasn’t revealed. Therefore, the order of the songs will by lexicographical order.

#1. Ben & Tan – Yes


It’s a country-pop song. The song starts with massive guitar strings. Tan is the first one to sing in the first verse but Ben completes here afterward. The chorus is performed by the two of them. The chorus has a vibe of an anthem. This is a typical duo song of woman and man. Their singing is powerful in the chorus. The part after the chorus includes bagpipes. The song talks about giving a chance to love even if it disrupts your initial planning.
The song is decent but it’s pretty predictable and similar to songs that we have heard before.

#2. Benjamin Kissi – Faith
Benjamin Kissi2

It’s a pop blues song with influences of rock music. The introduction is heard like a typical part that should come after the chorus. The melody is based on guitars and drums. The verse is being performed as a combination of blues and R&B. The general atmosphere is the song is cheerful. However, my main problem here is that Benjamin isn’t a strong vocalist at all. The chorus is catchy and rememberable, while the verses are pretty forgettable.


#3. Emil – Ville ønske jeg havde kendt dig (Eng: “Wish I had known you”)

Emil Denmark

It’s a country lullaby ballad. The song talks about Emil’s grandfather who Emil hasn’t met.
Even though the song is in Danish, the production and the arrangement are American.
The melody is based on acoustic guitar in the verses and on keyboard and guitar in the chorus. The melody has barely changed in the transition between the melody and the chorus. I can’t avoid associating the song with the “genre” of commercials songs.
The song is personal and emotional, but the melody resembles a thousand other songs in the genre. The danish language contributes to the song’s uniqueness. However, putting all together we get just an “Ok” song.

#4.  Isam B – Bølger (Eng: Waves)

Isam B

It’s a typical singer-songwriter song. The song talks about being proud of who you are and leaving prejudice behind, no matter what. The song starts with the deep and low voice of Isam. The melody is based on guitar playing. The production is really nice, but I would like to get a braver one. In the last minute of the song, Isam is singing alongside piano playing. It is the most interesting part of the song. That part is where Isam reaches to a different color of his voice. In my opinion, there is something too basic and effortless in performance.


#5. Jamie Talbot – Bye Bye Heaven

Jamie Talbot

It’s a folk-pop radio-friendly ballad. The song describes surrendering to the temptation of love.
In the verses, Jamie is singing in a pleasant voice that’s husky at some point.
The chorus is a sweet lullaby radio-friendly piece. Jamie is singing in a flint voice in the chorus. In the verse that comes after, Jamie is singing in a lower voice. The beat in the chorus is on point and it if fat from being too dominant.
The style of the song can be related to Ed Shiran‘s discography. To sum up, it’s a good song but it lacks a wow factor.


#6. Jasmin Rose feat RoxorLoops – Human

Jasmin Rose feat. RoxorLoops

It’s a dance-pop with influences of the 1980s and the 1990s music. The song is about losing touch with each other in an increasingly technological world, both on a macro and micro level. The song begins with a short instrumental section. Jasmin‘s voice has a lot of colors to suggest. In the verses, she uses a lower voice. While in the chorus she uses a higher voice. The melody in the verses is relying on a slow rate and a mysterious vibe. The chorus is darker and well produced.
I suppose that some listeners will have a criticism about the poor lyrics in the chorus. However, I think that the structure of the chorus is logical and can have a security net in terms of lyrics from the other parts. After the second chorus, there is an acoustic bridge that leads to a powerful chorus with modulation and a little beat of eastern music vibes. The melody changes in an interesting and surprising way.
The song is super catchy, addictive, well composed and well written. It can be a risky choice for “conservative” Denmark that used to send a more “safe-side” songs.


#7. Kenny Duerlund – Forget It All

Kenny Duerlund

It’s a mid-tempo pop song. The song is about having emotional baggage that restricts us, but sometimes a certain person can cause you to lose that and reset.
The melody in the verses is relying on guitar and piano playing. Kennys singing is clear and we can actually understand every single word he is singing. The first verse has a slow rate, but the rata is faster in the following parts. The chorus is characterized by the melody breaking into electronic production. Kenny uses a higher voice in the chorus. In the verses that arrive after the chorus, his singing is more powerful and the song has a stronger beat. The last half-minute of the song begins with an acoustic section that ends in another chorus with echo elements. The final product is good and radio-friendly. However, without an effective staging, it will get lost.
#8. Maja & De Sarte Sjæle – Den eneste goth i Vejle (Eng: The only goth in Vejle)

Maja & De Sarte Sjæle

It’s a folk-pop rock song with wide influences from the 1950s and the 1960s music.
The song is about divorce from the children’s perspective.
The song starts with an impressive introduction that’s actually a bass solo.
There is an atmosphere of darkness and mystery.  The verses are slow and calming. In The chorus, the bass guitar leads the melody. In the chorus, we are exposed to another layer in Maja’s voice. After the second occurrence of the chorus, there is a short section in English that has a softer melody. The song is dated, but it has the right to subsistence even today.  There is no wonder that even the theme photo is in black and white.
In my opinion, it can be a wonderful black horse.



#9. Sander Sanchez – Screens

Sander Sanchez

It’s a mid-tempo pop song. The song talks about living through a screen, not via reality. Sander urges people to look at each other in the eye and not isolate themselves.
The song starts with keyboard playing. Sander’s singing is characterized by vibration and mannerisms. The beat is slowly built in the verses and continues to the bridge and the chorus. The chorus includes a repeating of the phrase “staring at the screens” which is the main message of the song. The melody isn’t brilliant but the arrangement is pretty good. Sometimes, it feels like an unfinished product. There is a use of backing vocalists but I think it could have been used widely. The performance must have an effective staging.



#10. Sys Bjerre – Honestly

Sys Bjerre

It’s an indie folk-pop song. The song “Honestly” is about climate change, which is a subject that’s dear to Sys’ heart. She wants to both entertain people and make a connection between them.
The song starts with a solo of a violin that resembles the sound of “Rockabye” by Clean Bendit. The arrangement has a style of classic ballads from the 1980s and the 1990s.  The first verses are built on drums playing and afterward piano and violin are added. Sys has a soft and gentle voice. You can describe here singing as effortless. After the chorus, there is an instrumental section again. The last half-minute of the song includes a change of the atmosphere in the song, to a happier one.
The lyrics have depth and the combination with classical motives increases the value of the song.




My Personal Ranking

Denmark 2020 (Dansk Melodi Grand Prix DMGP -, Eurovision) #Playlist 300x300

#1 – Jasmin Rose feat RoxorLoops – Human
#2 – Kenny Duerlund – Forget It All
#3 – Maja & De Sarte Sjæle – Den eneste goth i Vejle
#4 – Sys Bjerre – Honestly
#5– Jamie Talbot – Bye Bye Heaven
#6– Sander Sanchez – SCREENS
#7– BEN & TAN – Yes
#8– Isam B – Bølger
#9– Emil – Ville ønske jeg havde kendt dig
#10– Benjamin Kissi – Faith

My prediction

00 - Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2020

Traditionally, Denmark tends to choose a “safe-side” and generic entries.
I would like to see the country taking some risks and avoiding from being predictable.
However, I think that superfinal will be composed of:
BEN & TAN – Yes
Kenny Duerlund – Forget It All
Jasmin Rose feat RoxorLoops – Human

Jasmin Rose feat RoxorLoops would probably be a risky choice for Denmark.
I believe that BEN & TAN or Kenny Duerlund will carry Denmark’s flag in Rotterdam.


Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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