It’s Senhit For San Marino 2020!

San Marino

The media in San Marino confirmed: The Italian singer Senhit will represent the tiny country in Eurovision 2020.

The singer has already represented the country in Eurovision 2011 with the song “Stand By“. However, she failed to qualify for the final.

The announcement of the broadcaster RTV didn’t include an entry for Eurovision 2020.
The singer has 2 options for a Eurovision entry: It will be either “Obsessed” or “Freaky”.
The chosen song will be published
on the official YouTube channel of the Eurovision Song Contest on Monday the 9th of March 2020. The voting will be via the official website of the singer in the following link.

The country will participate in the second semi-final of Eurovision 2020.
San Marino was allocated to perform in the first half of the show.

International public voting will determine which song will be chosen.
The voting will be available from Saturday, the 7th of March 2020 at 9:00 CET until midnight on Sunday the 8th of March 2020.

Senhit’s last electro-pop single “Dark Room” was and still is a huge success. It was one of the catalysts for choosing her to represent the country.

Senhit San Marin




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