Eurovision 2020: Aksel Kankaanranta Will perform “Looking Back” For Finland


A few minutes ago, Finland has chosen an artist and a song for Eurovision 2020.
The act has been chosen via the mechanism of “UMK 2020″

6 acts were included in the line-up tonight:

Finland 2020 participants

01 – Catharina Zühlke – Eternity
02 – Erika Vikman – Cicciolina
03 – Aksel Kankaanranta – Looking Back
04 – F3M – Bananas
05 – Sansa – Lover View
06 – Tika – I Let My Heart Break

The results of the national final will be determined by 50% jury voting and 50% public voting.
The jury voting will be composed of 8 jury panels. Each panel will be composed of 4 members from the same country. The judges are from the following countries:
Bulgaria, Estonia, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Spain, The Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. 

The full results of the show can be shown here:

The international jury voted as follows:

Finland UMK 2020 jury voting

The final results including public voting are:

Finland UMK 2020 full results

Therefore, Aksel Kankaanranta will perform “Looking Back” for Finland at Eurovision 2020. Aksel led the jury voting and public voting.

Aksel Kankaanranta - Looking Back
The huge fan favorite Erika Vikman finished in the second place.


Finland will participate in the second semi-final of Eurovision 2020.
The country was allocated to perform in the second half of the show

Doron Lahav is 28 years old guy who lives in Israel. Doron watches Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and also shows interest in singing and writing.

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