Lithuania: LRT Confirmed “Pabandom iš naujo 2021” And Offered THE ROOP A Spot In The Final

Earlier today, the Lithuanian broadcaster LRT confirmed that its national selection “Eurovizijos Pabandom iš Naujo” will return in 2021. moreover, THE ROOP that was supposed to represent the country at the 2020 contest canceled last week was offered a safe spot in the show’s grand final.

As many countries have decided to stand behind their chosen artists and internally prove them for 2021 as well, Lithuania, which started this year its successful “Pabandom iš Naujo” has decided to act differently.  The director of LRT Gytis Oganauskas explains: “Eurovision is first and foremost a song contest, which is gaining popularity every year in Lithuania and stimulating the creation of new songs and performances, thus attracting many who wish to try their hand at music producers and performers. We were looking for a solution to not deprive them of this opportunity, and at the same time not to deprive The Roop”

Considering the fact that THE ROOP song “on fire” was a potential winner in the contest’s odds, its easy to feel the band’s disappointment from the broadcast decision as they share in social media

“LRT “Eurovision” working group have come to a decision regarding next year’s Lithuanian “Eurovision” – the National Selection will take place with a spot for “The Roop” in the grand finale…“We are all upset about the developed situation – the song “On Fire” was one of the favorites to win the contest. It received lots of love in Lithuania and many other countries around the world, however, we won’t have the possibility to perform it on the big “Eurovision” stage…
This is the reason why we came to an unusual decision – we will organize a new National Selection, and secure a spot for “The Roop” in the grand finale. We really value and appreciate “The Roop” for their responsible attitude and preparation for this year’s “Eurovision”, – says Gytis Oganauskas, LRT Deputy Director-General, member of “Eurovision” working group…“The Roop” members are familiar with LRT’s position. We understand that the intention was a solution that suits both, LRT and the band. Will we participate in the National Selection with exclusive rights? We do not know yet. It has only been six weeks since we won with “On Fire”. Everything is happening very fast. Too fast. We have to think about it and the decision will come much, much later”

For the moment, 12 countries confirmed that they will keep the representatives of Eurovision 2020 for Eurovision 2021. The countries are:

The Netherlands

While other 7 countries confirmed they will select new artists for Eurovision 2021:


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