ESCBEAT’s Team Spotlight – March 2020

The story of ESCBEAT began with a love for music. lucky for us, the Eurovision gathers so many talented artists worldwide and following their musical careers is our pleasure.  Every Friday, with the release of our “Friday Beats” post, we are collecting for you the latest sounds that have been added to our playlists. there you can find our soundtrack of the month which is nationality extravaganza of languages and musical genres.  our community expands with every passing day, and so does the playlists we create for each month.

We wanted to make sure you won’t miss the songs that made our days better (especially with this COVID-19 difficult situation). therefore we are happy to announce our spotlight tracks of March 2020. out of 205(!) new songs released this month, we selected the top10 each that touched us the most.

Nir Raz

Loreen – Fiction Feels Good (Sweden 2012 + NF, Melodifestivalen 2011, 2017)

DEGO Feat. Netta – Corona (Israel 2018)

SHLAKOBLOCHINA feat. FEARMUCH – Новая сила киски (Ukraine 2019 “Maruv”)

The Fizz – More Than These Words (the Uk 1981)

HAYES and Wiktoria ft. Famous Dex – Fuck This Place Up (Sweden NF, Melodifestivalen 2016, 2017, 2019)

Francesca Michielin ft. Elisa – Yo No Tengo Nada (Italy 2016)

Marthe Valle – Makta og kjærligheten (Norway NF, MGP 2012)

High15 – Crystal Clear (Sweden NF, Melodifestivalen 2019)

Gromee ft. Jesper Jenset – Sweet Emotions (Poland 2018)

Hildur Höglind – Mayday (Sweden NF, P4 Nästa 2019)

Doron Lahav

Blanche – Fences (Belgium 2017)

Profetik & MBX Feat. Rykka – Higher (Switzerland 2016)

Katerine Duska – Sanctuary (Greece 2019)

Vanessa Amorosi – Coming Down Off You (Australia NF, Australia Decides 2020)

JOWST ft. JÆGER – Kiss the Ring (Norway 2017 + NF, MGP 2020)

Ruslana – We Are Wind (Ukraine 2004)

Da Buzz – Hard To Love (Johan K Radio Edit) (Sweden NF, Melodifestivalen 2003)

Emma – Luci Blu (Italy 2014)

Natalia Lacunza – a otro lado (Spain NF, Operación Triunfo 2018)

Clödie – Let me go (Acoustic Live Session) (Poland NF, 2018)

Do you agree with our choices? had another song in mind that we haven’t mentioned? join our Facebook community and tell us all about it!

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ESCBEAT Eurovision Related – 2020 March #Playlist

ESCBEAT Eurovision Related - 2020 March (




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