Kazakhstan Publishes the 30 candidates for Representing The Country at Junior Eurovision 2020

Kazakhstan’s broadcaster has revealed the list of 30 candidates that hope to represent the country at Junior Eurovision 2020:

Abulhair Dzhumabay
Adel Kunadilоva
Adiya Burhanоva
Aknur Nurzhanоva Ақnur
Akzhibek Manarbekkyzy
Alina Saginbaeva
Arystan Sherhan
Aydana Zhumazhan
Aylun Zausheva
Ayyim Mukitanоva
Bekzhan Nazarbek
Dil’naz Tilepоva
Dіnmuhammed Toleubay
Islam Saypоlda
Kamila Gazizkyzy
Kamila Gilyova
Kamilla Кuzdenbaeva
Mahinur Tursunоva
Makim Zhan
Miras Maksimоv
Nurmuhammed Zhakypbekоv
Nurshat Кusanоva
Sagyn Omіrbayevich Saғyn
Saniya Аltynbekkyzy
Sofiya Balgazina
Tleubek Аjkerim
Zhanel Kaldybek
Zhanerke Аbdrahmanоva
Zhasmin Tleunbetоva
Кarakat Bashanоva

You can watch the performances on the official website of the broadcaster

The broadcaster has revealed that more than 680 candidates have submitted an entry to the broadcaster.
Until the 31st of August 2020, the public have the ability to vote online and choose their favorites.
12 candidates will advance for the final.

The national final will take place on the 26th of September 2020.
In the final, the public will choose the act for the Junior Eurovision 2020. However, in a case of a tie, the professional jury will determine the winner.
The jury will consist of 8 music experts.

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