Eurovision 2021 Semi-Finals Allocation Draw Will Be Same As Eurovision 2020

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According to the EBU , Eurovision 2021 won’t have a new semi-finals allocation draw.
There are 3 main reason for the decision:
1. The same 41 countries that planned to participate at Eurovision 2020, will participate at Eurovision 2021. In addition, we have the same 6 automatic qualifiers: The Netherlands and the big 5 (UK, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy)
2. The broadcaster would like to consider the ticket holders – the majority of them acquired the tickets for Eurovision 2020 that are still valid for Eurovision 2021
3. The host city of Eurovision 2020 is the same one for Eurovision 2021 , which means that the special traditional ceremony shouldn’t be held.

Martin Österdahl, Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest said:

“Under normal circumstances we would be looking forward to the Allocation Draw and Host Insignia Exchange Ceremony as an important milestone on the road to Rotterdam 2021. With the same participating countries as last year , the Reference Group decided that it made sense for both ticket holders and for participating broadcasters to keep the same Semi-Final draws as 2020. Even though we won’t have the traditional Ceremony in January we have plenty more planned to build excitement ahead of the return of the Eurovision Song Contest next year.”

The allocation of each country has 2 characteristics: Which semi-final will the country perform in, Which half of the show the country will perform in.

The allocation draw for semi-final 1 is:

First half: North Macedonia, Belarus, Lithuania, Sweden, Slovenia, Australia, Ireland, Russia
Second half: Norway, Cyprus, Croatia, Azerbaijan, Malta, Israel, Ukraine, Romania, Belgium

The allocation draw for semi-final 2 is:

First half: Austria, Moldova, Poland, San Mario, Serbia, Iceland, the Czech Republic, Greece, Estonia
Second half: Denmark, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Finland, Armenia, Latvia, Georgia, Portugal, Albania

The partition of the 6 automatic qualifiers is (Which semi-final will they vote and broadcast) :

10 countries will qualify from each semi-final.The running order will be decided only after all of the 41 songs will be revealed.

Eurovision 2020 semi-final allocation draw: Which countries sing when? |  wiwibloggs

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