Interview: Orgesa Zaimi Telling The Story of A Broken Heart

She’s one of the biggest names that competing this year in “Festivali i Këngës“.
She is Eurovision fans favorite since 2017 and now we have the honor to discuss with her.

We are talking about Orgesa Zaimi.
The 35 years old is a famous Albanian singer song writer and radio presenter as well.
It will be her 4th time in “Festivali i Këngës“.

Hi Orgesa, thank you for accepting our invitation and welcome to ESCBEAT

Orgesa: “Hi Doron, it is a pleasure being here

What was your first reaction after your song has been accepted for “Festivali i Këngës 59”?

I was really happy and glad, cause it took me a few weeks at the studio to produce the song, and also I gave a very emotional interpretation, so it was worth it.

What can you tell us about the message behind the song “Valixhja e kujtimeve“?

The song was played first to me by Gridi Kraja on a piano, and I liked it, later I sent it to my friend Olti Curri with whom is the second collaboration after “Ngrije Zerin “back in 2017, and it came really great.
I’ve heard it on the piano and I loved it, its very classic and old-school, a timeless melody also. Lyrics came later and it was combined very well, I feel blessed to have worked with two friends, they really know me and my potential so it felt good to be with the two of them, Gridi Kraja and Olti Curri.
The lyrics tell the story of a broken heart, a lost love, and also the fact that after all of it you don’t deserve somebody like that, so forget about it and move on. It’s very sentimental and very well felt. I am lucky enough to have a man by my side for 13 years but just the feeling of losing him made me sang my heart out on this song.

This year, you compete with a totally different song from your previous participations. What’s the reason for that?

Yes, it’s true the song is very different from my other participations, and this was also one of the reasons I decided to take part this year at FIK 59. I don’t wanna bring the same vibe again, I want to show my capacity and world in different  genres.

 How will you estimate your chances of winning this year?

I don’t see it once I compete in “Festivali I Kenges 59”, I know that the winner goes to Eurovision but I’ve been there, there’s no curiosity for me, well I love to be the performer but I’ve seen it I’ve felt it.
To me is very important to be part of the “Festivali I Kenges” to enjoy and give something to it. If it is written for me let it be.
I don’t go for the win, but for the emotions and for the sake of being an Albanian singer, to contribute in the Albanian music.

In case you win, will the song be kept in Albanian for Eurovision?

Well, if I win I’ll let you know. For now, I can say that the song was made in Albanian first so as an Albanian Singer the impact is in my own language.

What’s your favorite song among “Festivali I Kenges 59” songs?

I have heard some of the songs before the competition, cause I have a lot of old friends in the industry. However, I can say that this year is full of good music and artists, so I can only say that it will be a great FIK.

How do you define participation in FIK differs from Kenga Magjike“?

I’ve been active and participated in both competitions. I prefer the adrenaline of “Kenga Magjike” and all the journey, but I also love FIK for its tradition, for the live orchestra and everything.
They both are very important to an Albanian artist, it brings emotions and great work to be part of it, I always competed with good songs and long worked materials, so for me the two competitions are different but at the same amount of importance.

Orgesa Zaimi - Veren ku ma le (Kenga Magjike 2019) - YouTube

What’s your favorite Albanian song from Eurovision?

Well since I was the backing vocalist of Kejsi Tola back in 2009 I enjoyed so much “Carry Me In Your Dreams“, and when I get to see Kejsi in the street we will sing and dance the song and we have still a lot of fun.

(Orgesa can be seen on 1:19)

I also love all the representatives of Albania cause they gave 100% of them, so every song has my respect, but for my taste, Rona Nishliu has one of the best entries, since I heard the song on FIK that year I believed in it and I was sure it will be a great entry in ESC

This year, FIK will be held outside, how will it affect your staging and performance?

It’s not the first time that I sing in December outside, in concerts or so, and I think it will not affect me in terms of conditions.
I am very excited because in 60 years of History of FIK it’s the first time it is held outside due to Covid 19, which affected me during October, so I can say I have Antibodies and I am so ready for it!

Can we expect again for any staging surprises, like in your previous participation?

This year I like to keep it simple so it will be me and the song, an emotional performance. Also I have prepared the acoustic version, its also emotional so stay tuned.

What’s your message to your fans and ESCBEAT readers?

Thank you guys for being there for me since “Ngrije Zerin” in 2017, I know you loved that song, and remind me of it every time.

Orgesa Zaimi – Ngrije zërin lyrics

I hope to please you again with good music, stay safe and enjoy FIK 59, much love Orgesa

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Doron Lahav is 28 years old guy who lives in Israel. Doron watches Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and also shows interest in singing and writing.

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