France Is The Winner Of Junior Eurovision 2020!

12 countries participated this year at Junior Eurovision 2020:

Belarus – Arina Pehtereva – Aliens (Пришельцы)

France – Valentina – J’imagine

Georgia – Sandra Gadelia – You Are Not Alone

Germany – Susan – Stronger With You

Kazakhstan Karakat Bashanova – Forever

Malta – Chanel Monseigneur – Chasing Sunsets

Netherlands – UNITY – Best Friends

Poland – Alicja Tracz – I’ll Be Standing

Russia – Sofia Feskova – My New Day (Мой новый день)

Serbia – Petar Ančić – Heartbeat

Spain – Soleá – Palante

Ukraine – Oleksandr Balabanov – Vidkryvai (Відкривай)

The full results can be shown in the following table:

France won in JESC 2020, after being in the first place both in the online voting and the jury voting.

You can listen the winning song here:

Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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