Around The Continent 2021 – #5

“Around The Continent” is a series of posts where we will give you all the main news of the week.

The EBU have published the new logo for Eurovision 2021:

The new logo shows the power of connection that is fulfilled by the concept of the Eurovision Song Contest. The new design is inspired by the world map with Rotterdam as the beating heart of Europe in May 2021.

Sietse Bakker, the Executive Producer of Eurovision 2021 said:

“The logo connects Rotterdam with the capitals of the participating countries and symbolises coming together, regardless of the form”. The Eurovision Song Contest will continue next year, no matter what. We hope to welcome the participants, press and fans to Rotterdam in May; physical if possible, virtual if necessary.
Thanks to developments regarding vaccines and reliable rapid tests, we are now cautiously optimistic about what can be done responsibly in May. And all of Europe is now watching us. With creativity and decisiveness, inspired by that typical Rotterdam resilience, we are going to make something very special out of it, I am convinced of that!”

(Eurovision 2020 logo)

The new logo is an extension of the Eurovision 2020 logo. It carries the simplicity and minimalism of the former logo. But it adds a festive touch to celebrate the returning of the Eurovision Song Contest after a year of absence.

Rotterdam is the center of the globe that’s connected to each of the other 40 Capital cities of the participating countries. The full graphic explanation can be found here:

No description available.

In addition, the post cards format has been also revealed this week:

This year, the artists will be presented to the public through images shot in their own country.
The images will be shown on the framework of a so-called ‘tiny house’. The house will be located in different places in the Netherlands that suit the artist.

The house is the central theme as out houses became our natural environment along the last period (due to the Covid-19 restrictions and social distancing)

The singer Manjola Nallbani (one of the participants of “Festivali i Këngës 2020“) was diagnosed positive with Covid-19 virus.
Nowadays, she is recovering form the virus, being self-isolated at home.

As a result, Manjola hasn’t participated in the first rehearsals of the festival this week.
However, if she if fully recovered then she will still participate in the festival itself.
The singe will perform the song “Ora e jetës”:

We wish Manjola a lot of health and getting well soon.
You can read the singer’s post on Instagram:

“Dora 2021” participants will probably be revealed on Tuesday the 15th of December 2020.
14 artists will compete in the national selection.

The songs won’t be released before the national selection.
Dora 2021” will be held on Saturday the 13th of February 2021.

The 24 songs will be released today (Saturday the 5th of December 2020).
The 24 acts are:

  1. Alabama Watchdog – Alabama Watchdog
  2. Andrei Zevakin & Pluuto – Wingman
  3. Egert Milder – Free Again
  4. Gram-Of-Fun – Lost in a Dance
  5. Hans Nayna – One By One
  6. Helen – Nii kõrgele
  7. Heleza – 6
  8. Ivo Linna, Robert Linna,and Supernova – Ma olen siin
  9. Jüri Pootsmann – Magus melanhoolia
  10. Kadri Voorand – Energy
  11. Karl Killing – Kiss Me
  12. Kéa – Hypnotized
  13. Kristin Kalnapenk – Find a Way
  14. Koit Toome – We Could Have Been Beautiful
  15. Nika Marula – Calm Down
  16. Rahel – Sunday Night
  17. REDEL – Tartu
  18. Sissi – Time
  19. Suured tüdrukud – Heaven’s Not That Far Tonight
  20. Tanja – Best Night Ever
  21. Tuuli Rand – Üks öö
  22. Uku Haasma – Kaos
  23. Uku Suviste – The Lucky One
  24. WIIRALT – Tuuled

According to unofficial sources, Greece will select internally their song for Eurovision 2021 that will be performed by the singer Stefania.

Stefania - SUPERG!RL

A few weeks ago, the singer has recorded demo-versions of 5 potential songs. All of the songs were written by Dimitris Kontopoulos, Sharon Vaughn. and the ARCADE team (the same team that was behind the singer in 2020).


ERT will hold a special meeting with the singer and the group behind her. They will probably decide together which will be the chosen song or will determine the accurate method of selecting a song.
We would like to remind that Stefania is living in The Netherlands, so recording the final version on 5 songs may involve traveling and quarantine.
Therefore, it is likely that a single song will be chosen internally and thereafter the singer will be working on recordings and video clip.

On last Monday, the Israeli broadcaster KAN published the 9 potential songs. All of the songs are performed by other singers. The singers who recorded the songs, as well as the song writers and composers remained anonymous.

The Israeli public can vote online for their Top 2 songs among the 9 suggested.
The voting is open until Sunday the 13th of December 2020.
The 9 songs were selected by the jury panel among 220 songs that have been submitted to the broadcaster.
The jury panel will select an additional song among the remaining 7. Therefore, the final selection will include 3 songs. The final selection show will be held on Monday the 25th of January 2021. Eden Alene will perform live the 3 selected songs.
The national final’s host will be Lucy Ayoub (one of Eurovision 2019 hosts as well as the host of the Israeli national final for 2020)


The 9 songs are:

La La Love
Coming Out
Can’t Stop a Hurricane
Rise Up Today
Set Me Free
Ue La La
Spilling Magic

In an interview that was held by the Polish broadcaster TVP, it has been reveled that as we all expected Alicja Szemplińska will represent the country at Eurovision 2021.

In the following picture you can read the description for her name as “The Polish Representative At Eurovision 2021″.
However, TVP denied it by saying that “2021” in a typo that should have been written as “2020”.

Therefore, it isn’t official that the singer will represent the country, but we see high chances that it will happen due to the willing of TVP that Alicja Szemplińska will represent the country at Eurovision 2021

The Portuguese broadcaster RTP revealed the names of the 20 composers of “Festival da Canção 2021”.
20 songs will be included in the line-up of the festival. The festival will include 2 semi-finals and grand final.

Semi-Final 1 will be held on the 20th of February 2021
Semi- Final 2 will be held on the 27th of February 2021
The grand final of the festival is scheduled to the 6th of March 2021.

This year, RTP have received a record number of 693 songs via the free path.
18 composers were invited to the festival by the broadcaster, while 2 others were selected via the free path.

The 20 composers are:


Anne Victorino d'Almeida - compositora - Home | Facebook




















Pedro Gonçalves and Miguel Marôco signed the selected themes through free submission.
The songs will be published in 2021.

According to the broadcaster, we can expect a diversity of musical genres.

During 3 days (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) the Swedish broadcaster SVT published the names of 28 competing artists in “Melodifestivalen 2021” and their song titles.
The allocation for the 4 semi-finals hasn’t been reveled yet.
The 28 participants are:

# 1.  Danny Saucedo – “Dandi Dansa
Songwriters: Danny Saucedo, Karl-Johan Råsmark

The singer has participated in “Melodifestivalen” 3 times.
In 2009, he performed as a part of the group EMD and they ended in the 3rd place.
In 2011, he performed “In The Club” and ended as the runner-up.
The same thing happened in t he following year (2012) when he competed with “Amazing” and ended again in the 2nd place.

#2. Lovad (Lova Drevstam) – Allting är precis likadant (Eng: Everything is exactly the same)
Songwriters: Mattias Andréasson, Alexander Nivek, Lova Drevstam, Albin Johnsén

It will be the first participation of the singer in “Melodifestivalen“. The singer mostly sings in the Swedish language. Lately, she collaborated with Albin Johnsén (who have already participated in “Melodifestivalen”). Albin is the one of the writers behind Lova‘s song for “Melodifestivalen 2021“.
Lova represented Sweden at Junior Eurovision 2012.

# 3. Kadiatou Holm Keita – “One Touch
Songwriters: Joy Deb, Linnea Deb, Jimmy “Joker” Thörnfeldt, Anderz Wrethov

Kadiatou Holm Keita rose to fame in 2018 when she competed in “The Swedish Idol“.
The singer ended as a runner-up in “The Swedish Idol 2018“.
According to her style, we can conclude that she will compete with a soul ballad in “Melodifestivalen 2021″.
One of the writers of Cyprus entry for Eurovision 2021: Jimmy “Joker” Thörnfeldt , is one of the writers of Kadiatou‘s song for Melodifestivalen 2021″..
Meanwhile, you can listen to her latest song “Best I’ve Had”

# 4. Mustasch – Contagious
Songwriters: Ralf Gyllenhammar, David Johannesson

Mustasch is a rock band that was established in 1998. The lead singer Ralf Gyllenhammar competed as a solo artist with the song “Bed On Fire” in “Melodifestivalen 2013″.
You may recognize him by the burning piano.

# 5. Eva Rydberg & Ewa Roos – Rena rama ding dong
Songwriters: Göran Sparrdahl, Kalle Rydberg, Ari Lehtonen

The two veteran Swedish entertainers will collaborate in “Melodifestivalen 2021“.
The two of them , participate in the Swedish remake of a British Television Comedy.
According to Aftonbladet, they may compete with a comedic/musical genre song.

# 6. Emil Assergård – “Om allting skiter sig” (Eng: If everything sucks)
Songwriters: Emil Assergård, Jimmy Jansson, Jimmy ”Joker” Thörnfeldt, Anderz Wrethov, Johanna Wrethov

Emil Assergård is a Swedish singer – song writer. He has been trying to enter the “Melodifestivalen” in the past and finally he made it this year.
So far, the singer has released 3 studio albums.
Meanwhile, you can listen to one of his songs:

# 7. Tess Merkel – Good Life
Songwriters: Tony Malm, Tess Merkel, Palle Hammarlund, Mats Tärnfors

Tess Merkel is well known as a part of the trio Alzacar. The band competed in “Melodifestivalen” 5 times. The other members of t he band Lina Hedlund and Andreas Lundstedt have already competed as a solo artists in the “Melodifestivalen“.Lina has even been one of the hosts of “Melodifestivalen 2020″.
The band last participation was in 2014 with the song “Blame It On The Disco“:

# 8. Paul Rey – The Missing Piece
Songwriters: Fredrik Sonefors, Laurell Barker, Paul Rey

Paul Rey participated in “Melodifestivalen 2020” with the song “Talking In My Sleep” and finished in 8th place in the final.

# 9. Arvingarna – Tänker inte alls gå hem (Eng: Not going to go home at all)
Songwriters: Stefan Brunzell, Nanne Grönvall, Thomas G:son, Bobby Ljunggren

Arvingarna is a Swedish dansband which was formed in 1989. The band competed in the “Melodifestivalen” in 1993, 1995, 1999, 2002 and 2019.
In 1993, they won with the song ‘”Eloise” and represented Sweden in the Eurovision 1993, where they finished 7th.

# 10. Johanna ”Dotter” Jansson – Little Tot
Songwriters: Johanna ”Dotter” Jansson, Dino Medanhodzic

Johanna Jansson which is better known as Dotter comes back as well. In 2020, she performed “Bulletproof” and ended in the 2nd place, just a point behind the winners (The Mamas).
Bulletproof” is one of the biggest fan- favorites from The Eurovision 2020′s season.
The singer has also participated at “Melodifestivalen 2018” with the song “Cry” when she didn’t qualify for the final.

# 11. Elisa Lindström – Den du är
Songwriters: Bobby Ljunggren, Ingela Pling Forsman, Elisa Lindström

Elisa Lindström is a country pop singer. She has participated in “Melodifestivalen 2014” with the song “Casanova” and ended in the 5th place in the semi-finals.

# 12. Lillasyster – Pretender

Lillasyster (Little Sister) is a Swedish rock band. The band started their activity in the year 2004. They have already released 5 studio albums.
A few days ago, they released a new song “War Machine

# 13. Frida Green – The Silence
Songwriters: Anna Bergendahl, Bobby Ljunggren, David Lindgren Zacharias, Joy Deb

Frida Green rose to fame in 2018 when she participated in “Talang” and ended as a finalist. In 2020, she participated in “The Swedish Idol” but didn’t make it to the live shows.

# 14. Charlotte Perrelli – Still Young
Songwriters: Thomas G:son, Bobby Ljunggren, Erik Bernholm, Charlie Gustavsson

Charlotte Perrelli is one the familiar faces of Sweden in Eurovision.
The singer represented the country in the years 1999 and 2008.
In 1999, she won with the song “Take Me To Your Heaven“.
In 2008, she performed the song “Hero“. The singer qualified for the final thanks to a wild-card that was given by the jury and ended in the 18th place in the final.

The singer competed in “Melodifestivalen” in 2 additional occasions.
In 2012, she performed the song “The Girl” and ended in the 5th place in the 4th semi-final (which means she didn’t qualify for the final).
In 2017, she competed with the song “Mitt Liv” and ended in the last place in the first semi-final (therefore she didn’t qualify for the final

# 15. Patrik Jean – “Tears Run Dry”
Songwriters: Herman Gardarfve, Patrik Jean, Melanie Wehbe

Patrik Jean is a Swedish singer song-writer. He was one of the writers behind the winning song of “Melodifestivalen 2020” – “Move” (performed by The Mamas). It will his debut as a performer in the “Melodifestivalen“.

# 16. WAHL feat. SAMI – “90-talet”
Songwriters: Sami Rekik, Christopher Wahlberg, Josefin Glenmark, Jesper Welander, Andreas Larsson

It will be a collaboration of 2 rappers.
Sami Rekik better known as “Sam-E”, was part of the duo “Medina”.
While Christopher Vahlberg better known as “Wahl” was part of the duo “SödraSidan”.

# 17. Nathalie Brydolf – “Fingerprints
Songwriters: Andreas Stone Johansson, Etta Zelmani, Laurell Barker, Anna-Klara Folin

Nathalie Brydolf  rose to fame in 2018 when she participated in “Swedish Idol” and ended in the 6th place.
According to Aftonbladet, the singer has participated in the writing camp for “Melodifestivalen” for 2 years. This year, she made it to the contest.

# 18. Anton Ewald – “New Religion”
Songwriters: Jonas Wallin, Joe Killington, Anton Ewald, Maja Strömstedt

Anton Ewald has already participated in “Melodifestivalen”. He qualified for the final in 2 different occasions. In 2013, he performed the song “Begging” and ended in the 4th place.
In 2014, he competed with the song “Natural” and ended in the 10th place in the final.

# 19. The Mamas – In The Middle
Songwriters: Emily Falvey, Robin Stjernberg, Jimmy Jansson

 The girl band who should have represented Sweden at Eurovision 2020 and were the backing vocalists for Sweden at Eurovision 2019.

Among the writers of the song we can find Robin Stjernberg who have represented Sweden at Eurovision 2013.

# 20. Jessica Andersson – Horizon
Songwriters: David Kreuger, Fredrik Kempe, Marcus Lindén, Christian Holmström

The singer has already participated at Eurovision in 2003 as part of the duo  Fame who performed “Give Me Your Love” and ended in the 5th place.

Since then, the singer participated as a solo artist at “Melodifestivalen” several times, including 2018 for example with the song “The Party Voice

# 21. Sannex- All Inclusive
Songwriters: Greta Svensson, Hans Thorstensson

Sannex was formed in the end of the the 1970’s. The members of the band have been changed along the years. In 2017, they were awarded as the “Dansband” of the year in Swedish Grammis.
Inviting the band to the “Melodifestivalen” will totally help to show diversity of music genres.

# 22.Clara Klingenström – Behöver inte dig idag (Eng: “I don’t need you today”)
Songwriters: Clara Klingenström, Bobby Ljunggren, David Lindgren Zacharias

It will be Clara’s debut in “Melodifestivalen”. In 2020, she released her first single ” Sommarminnen

#23. Efraim Leo – Best Of Me
Songwriters: Efraim Leo, Cornelia Jakobsdotter, Amanda Björkegren, Herman Gardarfve

It will be the debut for the singer in “Melodifestivalen 2021”. The singer has already tried to enter the competition in the past.
Lately, he released the song “When I Wanted You“:

# 24 .Tusse – Voices
Songwriters: Joy Deb, Linnea Deb, Jimmy “Joker” Thörnfeldt, Anderz Wrethov

Tusse Chiza is the winner of the last year “Swedish Idol“. Lately, the singer presented at several song writing camps. Moreover, the broadcaster SVT has been looking for suitable songs that will fit him.
The guest show of “Swedish Idol” Christer Björkman, told Tusse Chiza that he will be happy to see him competing at “Melodifestivalen”

# 25 . Julia Alfrida – Rich
Songwriters: Julia Alfrida, Jimmy Jansson, Melanie Wehbe

Julia Alfrida won the golden ticket for “Melodifestivalen 2021” via the “P4 Nästa 2020” conpetition. She won with her original song “Dark Room

# 26. Alvaro Estrella – Baila Baila (Eng: Dance, dance)
Songwriters: Anderz Wrethov, Linnea Deb, Jimmy “Joker” Thörnfeldt

Alvaro’s first participation at “Melodifestivalen” was in 2014 where he performed the song “Bedroom”. Last year, he collaborated with Mendez and together they performed the song “Vamos Amigos”. In 2021, Alvaro will be competing as a solo artist.
The singer isn’t a stranger for the Eurovision stage. He was a backing vocalist for Sweden 2011, Sweden 2017 and Russia 2016.

# 27. Klara Hammarström – Beat Of Broken Hearts
Songwriters: David Kreuger, Fredrik Kempe, Niklas Carson Mattson, Andreas Wijk

The singer competed in “Melodifestivalen 2020″ with the song “Nobody” and didn’t make it to the final.

# 28 . Eric Saade – Every Minute
Songwriters: Eric Saade, Linnea Deb, Joy Deb, Jimmy “Joker” Thörnfeldt

The singer represented Sweden at Eurovision 2011 with the pop song “Popular” and ended in the 3rd place in the grand final

In 2015, he participated in “Melodifestivalen 2015” with the song “Sting” and ended in the 5th place in the final, losing to Måns Zelmerlöw who afterward won Eurovision 2015.

Bobby Ljunggren and Jimmy “Joker” Thörnfeld wrote 5 songs for “Melodifestivalen 2021”.

Anderz Wrethov, Joy Deb, and Linnea Deb wrote 4 songs for “Melodifestivalen 2021”.

Jimmy Jansson wrote 3 songs for “Melodifestivalen 2021”.
David Kreuger, David Lindgren Zacharias , Fredrik Kempe, Herman Gadarfve, Laurell Barker, Melanie Wehbe, Palle Hammarlund, Thomas G:son rote 2 songs for
“Melodifestivalen 2021”..

While others like Anna Bergendahl, Paul Rey,  Jonas Wallin, Joe Killington, Anton Ewald, Maja Strömstedt, Emily Falvey, Robin Stjernberg and more wrote only 1 song for the competition.

Although the songs haven’t been published yet, the traditional odds table are already on air.
The top 3 are: Danny, Eric and Dotter

Doron Lahav is 28 years old guy who lives in Israel. Doron watches Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and also shows interest in singing and writing.

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