Georgia: Tornike Kipiani will sing ”You” at Eurovison 2021.

Tornike Kipiani meant to represent Georgia at Eurovison 2020 with the song ”Take Me As I Am” . This year Georgian broadcaster internally selected Tornike to represent Georgia again at Eurovison Song Contest 2021.

This morning we found some details about Georgian entry this year and these are:

  • Tornike Kipiani will sing a song called „You“ at Eurovision. The song is mix of rock, pop-rock and blues-rock. Meanwhile, the lyrics of the entry are about the universal topic of love.
  • Tornike wrote and composed “You” himself. The Georgian star then arranged the song in in Bravo Records Studio alongside Aleko Berdzenishvili. In addition to Tornike’s vocals, the Gori Girls’ Choir, Aleko Berdzenishvili, Marian Shengelia and Mariko Lezhava also took part in the recording of the song.
  • The music video of “You” has been directed by Temo Kvirkvelia. Filming for the video took place in a number of different locations. Ballet dancer Mariam Aleksidze choreographed a dance especially for the music video and her troupe will feature in the video. The design of the dancers’ costumes was done by Keti Chkhikvadze.
  • Tornike’s stage performance at Eurovision 2021 will be directed by Emilia Sandquist – she was previously set to be the stage director for Tornike last year as well. Emilia is an international creative who has dreamed up successful performances in the past for Swedish artists at Melodifestivalen. She is also a member of the Jean Baptiste Group.
  • The song will be released in March.

More about Tornike Kipani:

Tornike Kipani was born on 11th December 1987 in Tbilisi, Georgia, He is 32-year old musician and father of three children. He also is professional architect. He founded his own band at of age 19, he didn’t even consider becoming a vocalist, so Tornike and his bandmates liked for an additional member to fill that vacant spot. Meanwhile Tornike he progressed his vocals.
For the first time, Tornike appeared on TV in 20133, in the TV show of Maestro channel ”Magtifani” where he reached the final. Fallowing year in 2014 he won the first season of X Factor Georgia, where his mentor was the future Georgian-Greek Cyprus Eurovison star Tamta. In 2017 Tornike tried to represent Georgia at Eurovison with song ”You Are My Sunshine”. In 2019 he won Georgian Idol and he was selected to represent Georgia in the Eurovison Song Contest 2020 with the song ‘‘Take Me As I am”.

Georgia is set to participate at 2nd half of Semi Final 2 at Eurovison Song Contest 2021.

You can find all the relevant information on our Eurovision 2021 homepage:

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