Latvia: ”How To Win Eurovision ? Samanta Tina’s Road to Rotterdam”. Episode 4 Review

For part 3 weeks we learned how Samanta chose her entry, what her outfits will be and her picking final song. This week we learned who is behind choreography and staging. As we know Samanta’s message behind her entry will be about female empowerment and ”We are Queens” message.

We learned how the staging will look like, the idea of staging and who is behind it. Samanta doesn’t want typical pop song with some twerking dance moves. We saw how the demo version’s of staging background and floor screen will look like it. Originally she wanted on stage design that she walks in by opening the door and walks to like magical world with some ”Avatar” led lights hanging down but the idea got scraped.

Background Design (Demo verison)
Floor Design (Demo version)

We also saw how the choregrophy of staging idea will look like but its not finished yet.

Like we know performance we need a element that stands out and for Samanta it will be made from hands like crown covered in gold and golden jewellery which we see in music video.

Staging and video designers for ”Moon is Rising” are Maris Kalve,Ervins Zgriskis,Juris Matuzelis and Martins Dabolins.

We also saw some dance rehearsals with Samanta and her back vocalists for Eurovison entry.

Person behind for Samanta’s choreography is Baiba Klints.

In only 7 days we going to see final episode and hear Samanta Tina‘s song for Eurovison Song Contest 2021. It will be aired on LTV and Replay.TV and soon after the song will be released on official Eurovison Song Contest channel.

You can watch full episode here:

Latvia will participate at 2nd half of 2nd Semi Final at Eurovison Song Contest 2021.

The full playlist of Eurovision 2021 can be found on different digital platforms:




You can find all the relevant information on our Eurovision 2021 homepage:

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