The Black Mamba Will Raise The Portuguese Flag In Rotterdam!

The Portuguese broadcaster RTP held the grand final of its national selection Festival Da Canção 2021”

The show was hosted by Eurovision 2018 host Filomena Cautela and Vasco Palmeirim. One by one the 10 artists qualified from the semi finals took the stage and perform their entries, starting with “Saudade” by Karetus & Romeu Bairos.

  1. Karetus & Romeu Bairos – Saudade
  2. Joana Alegre – Joana do mar
  3. Fábia Maia – Dia lindo
  4. Valéria – Na mais profunda saudade
  5. Carolina Deslandes – Por um triz
  6. NEEV – Dancing in the Stars
  7. Pedro Gonçalves – Não vou ficar
  8. Sara Afonso – Contramão
  10. The Black Mamba – Love Is on My Side




After all the songs have been presented and Ricardo Ribeiro have made his interval act there was no better time for the results to stream in. First is the regional juries North, Central, Lisbon (West), Alentejo (East), Algarve (South), Madeira, and Azores.

After all the juries announced their votes it was revealed that the jury winner is Carolina Deslandes

Moving on, the power has now passed to the public and the televote numbers were added. NEEV – “Dancing in the Stars” was the song that the publics has crowned as its winner but as the combination of of both in 50-50 split it was announced the winning the festival and going to Eurovision 2021 with the love on their side are The Black Mamba

Portugal will compete in the second half of semi-final 2 at Eurovision 2021

You can find all the relevant information on our Eurovision 2021 homepage:

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