Bulgaria: Victoria will sing ”Growing Up Is Getting Old” at Eurovision Song Contest 2021.

Victoria was meant to represent Bulgaria with the song ”Tears Getting Sober” at Eurovision Song Contest 2020.
Bulgarian broadcaster BNT decided to send Victoria again to represent Bulgaria at Eurovision 2021.

Victoria released 6 potential songs for Eurovision 2021.
5 of them are from her EP album ”Little Dramatic” while another song was released in November 2020.
Eurovision fans had the opportunity to share their thoughts about each of the 6 songs.
The songs in the running were:

Victoria-”Ugly Cry”
Victoria-”imaginary friend”
Victoria-”Dive Into Unknown”
Victoria-”Phantom Pain”
Victoria-”The Funeral Song”
Victoria-”Growing Up Is Getting Old”

Later Victoria revealed that 3 fan favourites were:

Victoria-”imaginary friend”
Victoria-”Growing Up Is Getting Old”
Victoria-”The Funeral Song”

Victoria did a special concert with guests tonight singing all 6 songs and revealing the chosen entry for Eurovision Song Contest 2021 and you can listen here:

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Official video clip:

Lyrics video:

The full concert can be watched here:

It was revealed that Marvin Dietmann will be as staging director for Victoria at Eurovision 2021.Marvin Dietnmann is famously known for being of winning staging concept for Chonchita Wurst for Austria in 2014 and for Cesar Sampson who represented Austria in 2018. He was also stage director at Eurovision in 2015,2017 and 2018 and viewing room director in 2019.

Bulgaria is set to participate in the 2nd half of Semi Final 2 at Eurovision Song Contest 2021.




You can find all the relevant information on our Eurovision 2021 homepage:

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