Israel: X-Factor Season 4 To Select The Israeli Act For Eurovision 2022

Eurovision 2021 is just around the corner but on the local broadcaster the preparations for Eurovision 2022 is already on high alert.

Earlier this week it was announced that the Israeli broadcaster, KAN, have opened a call for a 3rd party company to arrange the Israeli national selection for Eurovision 2022. This morning an official statement came from the broadcaster, saying that the decision was made and that the Israeli 2022 act will be decided on the new season of X Factor Israel.

With this decision, Israel is saying goodbye to the Keshet network and the realty show “Hakohav Haba” that selected the Israeli act since 2015.

The new season of X-Factor Israel draws a lot of attention lately on Israelis local media. the competition network Reshet the owned rights of the format already revealed that the new season is going to be “larger than life”.

On the judges panel of the show will sit one of the most appreciated talent seeker and the creator of the X-Factor format Simon Cowell. this will mark his Cowell’s first appearance as a judge outside the UK and US. following Cowell will be Eurovision 2018 winner Netta and Israeli rock legend Aviv Geffen.

Israel is the second country to choose the local version of X-Factor as the national selection to Eurovision. Malta was the first country to do so beginning in 2019 selecting Michela to raise the flag in Tel-Aviv.

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