ESC BE(a)ST! The Team Spotlight – March 2021

ESCBEAT story has began with a huge passion for music. lucky for us, Eurovision is gathering so many talented artists worldwide what makes the tracking of their musical careers a joyful pleasure. 

As we do every week on “Friday Beats” recap, our team is the 1st Eurovision blog to collect all the latest sounds released by our favorite starts and wrap each month in a special playlist that you can play on your favorite music stream player. Each playlist will take you on musical extravaganza of languages, genres, nationalities and will stay in our archive as the “soundtrack of our month” when you’ll feel like go back in time.

Selected among 244 (!!) songs released this month, we are happy to present ESC BE(a)ST for the month March 2021 featuring the #Top20 pumped our shuffle this month!

NAVIBAND feat. VAL – ВОЛЬНЫЯ СНЫ (Belarus 2017 + 2020)

Gebrasy – Arčiau Tavęs (Lithuania NF “Eurovizijos Atranka” 2019 + “Pabandom Iš Naujo” 2021)

Anja Kotar – Movie (Slovenia NF “EMA” 2016)

Elai Botner & Moran Aharoni / עילי בוטנר עם מורן אהרוני – ממה את פוחדת (Israel NF “Hakohav Haba” 2020)

Michael Schulte – Stay (Germany 2018)

Ruth Koleva – Salty (Bulgaria NF, 2011)

Agnete – Helium (Norway 2016)

Tulia – Marcowy (Poland 2019)

Annalisa – Eva + Eva (Italy NF “Sanremo” 2018, 2021)

Jamala – Вірю в тебе (Ukraine 2016 + NF “Natsionalyni vidbir” 2011)

Madame Monsieur – Cœurs abîmés (France 2018)

Måneskin – CORALINE (Italy 2021)

Garren & ISA – Too Late To Love (Sweden NF, Melodifestivalen 2016)

Tim Schou feat. Sowfy – Mad Love (Denmark 2011 “A Friend In London”)

Loredana Bertè – Figlia di…(Italy NF “Sanremo” 2019)

Max Barskih / Макс Барских & Zivert — Bestseller (Ukraine NF, 2012)

Aram MP3 feat. Gurgen Dabaghyan – Tamzara (Armenia 2014)

Hazel – BOY (Norway NF “MGP” 2021)

Jure Brkljača – Ostani tajna moga života (Croatia NF “Dora” 2019, 2020)

AIDAN – Naħseb Fik (Malta NF “MESC” 2018)

March 2021 FULL PLAYLIST can be listened to HERE:

ESCBEAT Eurovision Related – 2021 March #Playlist




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