Davina Michelle and Thekla Reuten will be part for Semi Final 1 at Eurovision Song Contest 2021.

Singer Davina Michelle and actress Thekla Reuten will be part of interval act called ”The Power of Water”. The story of interval act are

inextricable link between the Netherlands and water, as Head of Show, Gerben Bakker explains:

“For centuries we Dutch have had a relationship with water that is unique in the world. We fought against it, but we can’t live without it. In the act we tell the story of the power of the water and the resilience that we all have.”

The unique act and recordings have been made on and around the Delta Works which is a large scale series of construction projects and its used to protect swathes of the Netherlands from being lost to the sea. As well a world of water will be created within the walls of Rotterdam Ahoy using augmented reality.

Thekla Reuten plays a role symbolising the power of the water, while the music for this showpiece has been specially composed by Davina Michelle and her writing team:

“Almost two years ago I was approached by the Eurovision team with the concept in which the story of water is central. Water connects, is resilient and is an inseparable part of the Netherlands. Together with Eurovision we have worked on a unique act in which these characteristics are central. I wrote the song ‘Sweet Water’ in which water is used as a metaphor for something that connects people in the world. We are all different and live in different environments, but we all need water and it brings us all together. I can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on together for so long.”

”The Power of Water” can be seen on Tuesday 18 May during the first Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021.

Who are Davina Michelle ?

Davina Michelle is a Dutch singer and Youtuber. She is famously know of her covers of popular songs. In 2016 she participated at fifth season of Idols. She opened for Pink during her Beautiful Trauma Tour in the The Hegue in 2019.

Who is Thekla Reuten ?

Thekla Reuten is a Dutch actress. She is famously know for works in filmography, theather and Voice-over.

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