JESC 2021: 12 Finalists for Ukraine national selection 2021 has been announced

Ukrainian broadcaster Suspile has annoyed the 12 finalists from 118 submissions who will try their luck to represent Ukraine at Junior Eurovision 2021.

The final will take take place on October 23rd where the golden ticked to Paris will be given to one of these Twelve talented kids

These finalists are:

  • Арсеній Грищенко / Arsenii Hryshchenko – Redemption
  • Анастасія Дорошенко (Nana Do) / Anastasiia Doroshenko (Nana Do) – Svit nadliudei (The World of Super People)
  • Дарина Зінченко / Daryna Zinchenko – ?
  • Каріна Корнута / Karina Kornuta – ?
  • Дарина Кривенко / Daryna Kryvenko – Kosy khmarochosy (Skyscraping Braids)
  • Анжеліна Макфарлейн (RREALINA) / Angelina McFarlane – Angel of Light
  • Вероніка Морська / Veronika Morska – ?
  • Єлизавета Петрук / Yelyzaveta Petruk – ?
  • Дар’я Реброва / Daria Rebrova – Make Me Happy
  • Софія Скварук / Sofiia Skvaruk – Golden Time
  • Марія Ткачук / Mariia Tkachuk – Pazly svitu (Puzzles of the World)
  • Олена Усенко (Ellen Usenko) / Olena Usenko – Vazhil (Leverage)

Here you can watch the recap of finalists

Its been confirmed that we will hear completely new songs no matter what they sent original or cover versions they will sing completely new songs.

Oleksandr Balabanov represented Ukraine at Junior Eurovision 2020 with song ”Vidkryvai (Open Up)”.

Tune in to UA: KULTURA on Saturday 23 October to find out who wins!

Junior Eurovision 2021 playlist is available here:


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