Around the Continent 2022 – Week 17

As we continue our weekly series Around The Continent, we will discuss the news and tell the story of each country’s preparation for Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

Last Thursday, Australian broadcaster SBS has revealed 3 names among 10 participants of “Australia Decides 2022“:

Isaiah Firebrace

Isaiah represented the country in 2017 with the song ”Don’t Come Easy”.
He ended up 9th in the grand final.

Isaiah was the winner of the 8th season of “X-Factor Australia“.
This time, he won’t be alone on stage. In fact, he will sing a duet. His partner hasn’t been revealed yet. However, the partner is probably a female singer. We know that both of them wrote the song together.

Jaguar Jonze

Jaguar Jonze has made her name back in the 2020 national selection and soon after she became a fan favorite to win the selection with the song ”Rabbit Hole”.

Since then, she has released 2 successful EPs: “Diamonds & Liquid Gold” (April 2020) and “Antihero” (April 2021).
Regarding her song for “Australia Decides 2022”, Jaguar said:

“It’s going to be a moment that celebrates our resilience and the little steps that lead to big change”


 Pauline Curuenavuli (better known as PAULINI) is a Fijian-Australian singer, songwriter, and actress. In 2003 she participated in the 5th season of ”Australian Idol”. Since then she has released 4 albums and had multiple tours.
Regarding her intended song for Eurovision, the singer promised it would include some Divas moments. She will take us back to her roots

You can listen to one of her songs:

Australia Decides 2022” will be hosted by Joel Creasey and Myf Warhurst, Eurovision – Australia Decides will showcase the best of Australian music and talent on Saturday 26 February 2022.

You can watch the official announcement video here:

According to the Bulgarian website Standart, Mr. Dragomir Draganov (one of the TV hosts and producers at BNT) will lead a significant project of BNT.

Several media sources in Bulgaria claim the important project will be selecting Eurovision 2022 act.
However, it seems that BNT will focus on selecting their entry for JESC 2021, before concentrating on Eurovision 2022

 Croatian broadcaster HRT published the full regulations of “Dora 2022“.

Here are the main details about “Dora 2022“:

  1. Dora 2022” will include one live show, to be held in February 2022.
  2. The Submission window opened today (Wednesday, 27th of October 2021) and will close on the 25th of November 2021.
  3. 14 songs will be shortlisted for the festival, and 4 other songs will be considered as spare songs (in any case of prevention of competing or withdrawal).
  4. These 14 songs will be selected by a professional jury that will be assigned by Croatian broadcaster HRT.
  5. The song duration should be no longer than 3 minutes.
  6. A total of 6 people are allowed to perform on stage for each song.
  7. All competitors must be at least 16 years of age on the day of the show.
  8. Artists must be citizens of the Republic of Croatia.
  9. There are no limitations regarding the language of the song, as long as it is written in a European language (including English and Croatian as well).
  10. The 14 chosen artists will have to send a video concept of the intended performance, including backing vocals (but without singing live). Video concepts should be sent no later than the 22nd of December 2021.
  11. The results of “Dora 2022” will be determined by 50% public vote and 50% jury vote.
  12. The winning song must stay in the same language as it was performed in “Dora 2022“. Minor changes will be possible if they are confirmed by HRT.
  13. Backing vocals must be pre-recorded and based on human vocals.
  14. Applications can be submitted here

According to Croatian media, well known Croatian music that had been involved in Eurovision before, will submit a song.
Among them, we can count:

  • Franka Batelić – repsented Croatia at Eurovision 2018
  • Mia Negovetić – particiapted in “Dora” in the years 2020 and 2021
  • Damir Kedžo – the winner of “Dora 2020” who should have represented the country at Eurovision 2020.

Last week, the show “Euphoria” (broadcast in RIK) supplied juicy news about Cyprus’s participation at Eurovision 2022.
Andreas Anastasiou, the head of the press in the Cypriot delegation,  said Cyprus has many good talents to suggest. His wishful thinking is to see a Cypriot artist or at least a Cypriot writer/composer representing the island on the biggest stage in Europe.
Thereafter, he mentioned that it will happen in 2022. Anastasiou also hinted that Cypriot fans will be very proud of their upcoming representative.
Therefore, we can expect that a Cypriot singer or Cypriot writer will be behind Cyprus’s entry for Eurovision 2022.

The full radio show is available here

The first show of “Eesti Laul” will be aired on Saturday the 20th of November 2021.
Meanwhile, we can see the Estonian broadcaster in the preparations for the shows:

Almost 3 weeks since the submission window closed and now ERT is heading to narrow the list of 40 submissions. It is still unknown whether the song will be selected internally or in a national selection.
However, due to Covid restrictions and financial reasons, we are most likely to see the Greek entry selected behind closed doors.
Dimitris Papadimitriou will be the head of the special committee with 7 members, They will choose the best 4-5 songs to qualify for the next round.

The moment of truth has come.
Tonight (Saturday 30th of October 2021), the first episode of “X – Factor Israel” will be aired.
The show will be broadcast on “Reshet 13” at 21:30 Israel time (20:30 C.E.T).
You will be able to watch the first auditions.

The host of the show is Liron Weizman

This season will feature 5 judges:

The third season of “X – Factor Israel” will feature 5 judges:

Netta Barzilai (Eurovision 2018 winner)
Ran Danker
Miri Mesika
Aviv Geffen
Margol (Margalit Tzanani)

Last Tuesday, Italian broadcaster RAI published the full regulations of the Italian music festival “Festival Di Sanremo 2022“.
The winner of the festival will represent Italy at Eurovision 2022, in Turin.

The music festival will include 5 evenings, starting on Tuesday (1st of February 2022) and ending on Saturday (5th of February 2022).
Before the festival starts, we will have a competition for newcomers – “Sanremo Giovani 2021“.

The final of “Sanremo Giovani 2021″ will be held on the 15th of December 2021. The top 2 artists will have the right to join “Festival Di Sanremo 2022” as competitors.

22 established Italian artists will be internally selected by the artistic director Amadeus, who will participate in the main festival. Therefore, we would be lucky to see 24 different Italian artists in “Festival Di Sanremo 2022

The final of “Sanremo Giovani 2021″ will be held on the 15th of December 2021. The top 2 artists will have the right to join “Festival Di Sanremo 2022” as competitors.

22 established Italian artists will be internally selected by the artistic director Amadeus, who will participate in the main festival. Therefore, we would be lucky to see 24 different Italian artists in “Festival Di Sanremo 2022

Here are the full details:

  1. No eliminations are planned for the festival. Therefore, all 24 artists will participate in the grand final of the festival.
  2. On each of the first two evenings, 12 different artists will perform. The results will be determined by jury.
  3. During the first 2 shows, accredited journalists will be divided into 3 different subgroups: jury from the press and TV, jury from the radio and jury from the web.
  4. The results of the first 2 evenings will be determined as follows: 34% radio jury, 33% press and TV, jury, 33% web jury.
  5. The full ranking of the first two shows will be revealed after the 2nd show.
  6. The debut of “Demoscopica 1000” jury – a group of jury composed of 1,000 members selected according to balanced criteria of age and geographical origin – will vote remotely with an app dedicated to them.
  7. On the 3rd evening of the festival, all 24 artists will perform their songs.
  8. The results of the 3rd show will be determined by 50% public vore and 50% “Demoscopica 1000” jury‘s vote.
  9. After 3 shows, we will have a new ranking of all 24 artists.
  10. The 4th evening of the festival will be dedicated for covers. All candidates will perform a cover of a song from the Italian repertoire or worldwide classic from the years 1960 – 1989.
  11. The results of the 4th show will be determined by: 34% for televoting; 33% for the Jury of the Press Room, TV, Radio and Web; and 33% for the Demoscopica 1000
  12. The average ranking of all 4 nights (all shows besides the final) will create a new ranking of 24 artists.
  13. On the final evening, the 24 songs in the competition will be voted on by the public through televoting and the average between the percentages of votes obtained in the evening and those obtained in the previous evenings will determine a new ranking of the 24 songs / artists.
  14. The top 3 artists will face an additional round of voting: 34% for Televote, 33% for jury of the Press TV, radio and Web, and 33% for “Demoscopica 1000” jury.

Moreover, the Italian broadcaster published the names of 46 newcomers to compete in the “Festival Sanreromo Giovani“:

  1. Bais – Che fine mi fai (What happened to me)
  2. Federico Baroni – Chilometri (Kilometres)
  3. Martina Beltrami – Parlo di te (I’m talking about you)
  4. Berna – Re Artù (King Arthur)
  5. Blind – Non mi perdo più (I don’t get lost anymore.)
  6. Edoardo Brogi – Pioveranno sassi (It will rain stones)
  7. Carolina – Nemmeno le nuvole (Not even the clouds)
  8. Thomas Cheval – Sale (Salt)
  9. Ditta Marinelli – Male malo mala (Bad bad bad)
  10. Drama – Ma tu lo sai che (But you know that)
  11. Elasi – Lap dance
  12. Enula – Il buio (mi calma) (The dark (calms me))
  13. Esa – Come mai (How come)
  14. Esseho – Arianna
  15. Francesco Faggi – Mentalmente instabile (Mentally unstable)
  16. Matteo Faustini – Autogol (Own goal)
  17. Marta Festa – Tiberio (Tiberius)
  18. Diego Formoso – Anche una sola notte (Even just one night)
  19. Fusaro – Senza coloranti aggiunti (Without added dyes).
  20. Giuse The Lizia – Bee Gees
  21. Kaze – Volevo portarti al mare (I wanted to take you to the sea)
  22. Malvax – Zanzare (Mosquitoes)
  23. Angelina Mango – La mia buona colazione (My good breakfast)
  24. Manitoba – Pesci (Fish)
  25. Matilde G – Lasciami qui (Leave me here)
  26. Mida – Lento (Slow)
  27. Melissa Morandini – Rumore (Noise)
  28. Giulia Mutti – Notte fonda (Late night)
  29. Mydrama – Soli (Alone)
  30. Nebraska – Jonio
  31. Nuvolari – Farabutto (Rogue)
  32. Obi – Ispirazione (Inspiration)
  33. Oli? – Smalto e tinta
  34. Opposite – Settembre (September)
  35. Quomo – Animali (Animals)
  36. Matteo Romano – Testa e croce (Head and cross)
  37. Royahl – Trap boy
  38. Samia – Fammi respirare (Let me breathe)
  39. Santi Francesi – Signorino (Master)
  40. Scozia – Britney
  41. Tananai – Esagerata (Exaggerated)
  42. Aurora Tumiatti – Maschere (Masks)
  43. Viito – Naturale (Natural)
  44. Yuman – Mille notti (A thousand nights)
  45. Zo Vivaldi – Spero di star male (I hope I’m sick)
  46. Simo Veludo – Anni ’60 (The 60’s)

Song submission for Lithuanian selection for Eurovision 2021 is open until the 25th of November 2021.
In an interview with the website 15min, former representative Donny Montell rules out Eurovision comeback. He said that Eurovision is a great platform to break through and therefore he leaves it out to newcomers.

Montengro broadcaster RTCG has opened song submissions for Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

Some of the rules for submissions are:

  1. Singers are invited to submit their candidacy with up to 2 songs. All singers must be of Montengro’s nationality or hold Montenegro citizenship.
  2. The songs must not be released before 1st October 2021.
  3. All singers must be at least 16 years old by the 10th of May 2022.
  4. Foreign composers and writers are allowed.
  5. Submission window will close on the 10th of December 2021.
  6. The submitted songs will be estimated by a professional jury. The jury will score the songs by 3 criteria: song quality (0-50 points), lyrics (0-30 points), production potential (0-20 points).
  7. The song that will achieve the highest score, will be Montegro’s entry for Eurovision 2022.
  8. The public won’t be involved in the decision

According to Stig Karlsen, the head of the Norwegian delegation and director of “Melodi Grand Prix“, we can expect some changes in the format of the music festival.

We will emphasise that all the changes are being considered, but haven’t been confirmed yet:

1. International jury vote – in the past (for example in the years 2017 – 2019), the results have been determined by 50% internatinal jury vote and 50% public voting. In the last 2 years, the results have been determined by the public vote only. As you may guess, international jury voting is most likely to return in the following edition.

2. In general, a new method of voting is being considered as well. NRK hasn’t supplied any details. common sense can tell us what the options may involve: an international public vote (or just the Norwegian public), a vote by age range and more.

3. Timing of when the songs will be released – Last year, each 4 semi-finalists songs were revealed 5 days before the show, while automatic qualifiers were released a day before the semi-final, where they performed. Plenty of options can be relevant here: release of all the songs together or even releasing the songs only after the show. Will the songs of automatic qualifiers be revealed before the final?

4. Hosts – since Brede Åse has left NRK, we can expect he won’t be one of the hosts this year.

Melodi Grand Prix 2022″ – The known details:

  1. As in 2 previous years, 5-6 artists will pre-qualify for the final. They will be selected by NRK.
  2. Both the semi-finals and the final will be broadcast from the H3 arena at Fornebu.
  3. The arena will be expanded to the absolute maximum of area, however we won’t see thousands of people in the audience
  4. According to EscNorge, around 1200 songs were submitted to the contest this year.
    The vast majority are written by Norwegian musicians.
  5. The competition will include 5 semi-finals and a grand final:
  • Semi-Final 1 – 15th of January 2022
  • Semi-Final 2 – 22nd of January 2022
  • Semi-Final 3 – 29th of January 2022
  • Semi-Final 4 – 5th of February 2022
  • Semi-Final 5 – 12th of February 2022
  • Grand Final – 19th of February 2022

According to Norwegian media, we might see the singer Emelie Hollow as one of the competitors.
You can listen to one of her songs:

Valentina Monetta, who represented the tiny country in the years 2012 – 2014 and 2017, has ruled out Eurovision 2022 participation. We won’t see her competing in the national selection for Eurovision 2022.

The planned deadline for the “Festival Benidorm” was the 29th of September.
Spanish broadcaster RTVE has decided to extend the deadline until the 10th of November 2021.
The extension was intended to give more artists a chance to participate, as well as letting a change to improve the submitted songs.

A total of 12 candidates will be selected to participate in the Festival Benidorm”, two of which (at least) must come from this public call. The festival will consist of three shows: 2 semi-finals and a grand final. For each semi-final, 6 artists will compete for 3 spots in the final.
The results will be determined by 4 components: 25% public vote (SMS and etc), 25% public vote of population that have been selected in advance (different ages, different cities and more), 30% Spanish jury and 20% international jury.

According to Formula TV, the singer Amor Romeira will submit a song as well.
You can listen to one of her latest releases:

Even though we all thought that an artist can’t participate in “Melodifestivalen” 3 years in a row, it seems like the rule isn’t valid anymore.
According to Aftonbladet, we will be able to see the 2 following artists for the 3rd year in a row:

#1. Klara Hammarström

The 21 year old singer will probably participate at “Melodifestivalen 2022“.
In 2020, she competed with the song “Nobody” and was eliminated in the semi-finals.

In 2021, she performed the song “Beat of Broken Hearts” and ended up 6th in the grand final

#2. Alvaro Estrella

Alvaro made his “Melodifestivalen” debut in 2014. Then, he performed the song “Bedroom” and was eliminated in the semi-final:

In 2020, he returned with the song “Vamos Amigos” as a duet with Méndez.
They ended up 11th in the grand final:

In 2021, he performed the song “Bailá Bailá” and ended up 10th in the grand final:

Moreover, we learned that the rising star Angelino Markenhorn will probably participate in “Melodifestivalen 2022“.
According to rumors, Angelino will enter the contest with a song that was co-written by Danish composer Thomas Stengaard (who has written the winning song of Eurovision 2013 – “Only Teardrops“).

Meanwhile, you can listen to one of his songs:

So far, we have 5 potential candidates for “Melodifestivalen 2022“:

  1. Robin Bengtsson
  2. Liamoo
  3. Klara Hammarström
  4. Alvaro Estrella
  5. Angelino Markenhorn

Ukrainian broadcaster UA:PBC has started inviting artists to participate in the upcoming national selection for Eurovision 2022.
According to reports in the Ukrainian media, the singer Zelenooka has probably accepted the invitation and therefore will submit a song.

However, we would like to remind you that a professional committee will choose the participants in the national selection.

Meanwhile, you can listen to one of her songs:

More than a week ago, we reported that the BBC will collaborate with TaP Music for Eurovision 2022.
According to the British website Metro, one of the potential artists to represent the country at Eurovision 2022 is Chelcee Grimes. She is being considered either as a singer or a songwriter.

Chelcee Grimes is a 29-year-old English singer, songwriter, television presenter, and professional footballer.
She has written songs for well-known artists like Kylie Minogue, Dua Lipa, Kesha, Olly Murs, Jonas Blue, Louisa, The Saturdays, and Tom Walker.
In 2021, she joined Scott Mills as co-commentator for the Eurovision semi-finals on the BBC.

You can listen to one of her songs:

Doron Lahav is 28 years old guy who lives in Israel. Doron watches Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and also shows interest in singing and writing.

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