Will the Austrian act will be decided in December 2021 for Eurovision Song Contest 2022?

According to Austrian scout for Eurovision Eberhard Forcher claimed on podcast ”Merci Cherie” that only left 4 artists been running to represent Austria at Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

More than 20 songs were made into the first listening and usually was 10-15 songs per year, Eberhard has claimed that it has been best to see since he has been in charge. He also says 3 acts are well-known artists of the Austrian music scene and he confirmed that one of them is a real big name. Eberhard also said that act will be decided on next week but announced in December 2021.

On the podcast, he also mentioned that he was in talks with the band Bilderbuch who is an Austrian rock band best known in Art Pop music.

Vincent Bueno represented Austria at Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the song ”Amen”.

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